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A Mission Call for Global Solidarity to Radiate Christ, Archbishop Schnurr’s Message for World Mission Month

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St. Pope John Paul II was certainly a blessing to our Church and world. His love for God’s people blossomed in the 1970s, joining with workers as a cardinal in Communist-controlled Poland. “Solidarność” or “Solidarity” was the name of the labor union he strongly supported. He educated global supporters to go beyond compassion and seek long-term social justice efforts of solidarity that would eventually end Communist rule.

Towards the end of his pontificate, St. Pope John Paul II became acutely aware of expanding globalization of telecommunications, economics and politics. Also deeply worried about increasing inequalities among the rich and poor worldwide, the Holy Father emphasized the need to look for the “common good.” In his 1998 Peace Message, he proclaimed, “The challenge is to ensure a globalization in solidarity, a globalization without marginalization.”

Both Popes Benedict and Francis have built on this. In March 2018, Pope Francis warned that the only sustainable future for a global world is one where people can live together in peace. We must foster a “globalization of solidarity and of the spirit by building bridges, keeping dialogue open and favoring encounter.” This, he said, includes ending wars and poverty that create millions of refugees; education of children; staying close to the elderly; brokering peace and accompanying the poor to better analyze social issues in order to create more just economies/societies. In these challenging times, this is a badly needed exhortation for the whole planet.

As our archdiocese prepares to celebrate our bicentennial, I have written a pastoral letter entitled, “Radiate Christ” thanking God for all those faithful Catholics who have built our local Church community these past 200 years. I am also grateful to those who today reach beyond our borders to embrace the challenges of global solidarity. Missionaries from our archdiocese and those from other nations serving among us are powerful examples for us. I admire our 40 parishes who have built twinning relationships with other parishes in the U.S. and worldwide. God bless those grade and high schools and universities that offer education and immersion programs and trips to create dialogue and social justice among people of different races, ethnicities, cultures, nations and religions. They, too, certainly radiate Christ.

This coming Mission Month of October and World Mission Sunday on Oct. 18 are opportunities to demonstrate our global solidarity to our fellow Catholics in 1,150 mission dioceses who are now building their own churches, seminaries, convents and lay catechetical centers. Please give generously and become a regular supporter of the Holy Father’s Pontifical Mission Societies.

You are invited to an inspiring Global Solidarity Mission Mass on Sun., Oct. 18, at 11 a.m. at the Cathedral Basilica of St. Peter in Chains. Please be in touch with our Mission Office Director, Dr. Mike Gable, at: [email protected], or the Mission Office website at: www.catholiccincinnati.org

Sincerely in the mission of Christ,



Most Reverend Dennis M. Schnurr Archbishop of Cincinnati

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