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A Snowy Day in the Desert of… Dayton?

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Bundled up against the cold, a star looks over the Holy Family at the Live Nativity put on last month by the downtown Dayton parishes. Left to right: Bradley Hester, age 8, plays a watchful Star of Bethlehem; Andrew Jacques, age 12, is a bearded Joseph; and Evelyn Dahlstrom of Emmanuel Parish plays Mary. CT photo/Jeff Unroe

A look back at another snowy day, this one in December, when it the Downtown Dayton Parishes held a Live Nativity in the parking lot of Holy Trinity Church. Children portraying the people in the Nativity story bundled up against temperatures in the 20s, but the live animals (including the camels) enjoyed the snow.

Father Ken Plieman, parochial vicar for Holy Trinity, Emmanuel, and St. Joseph Parishes, leads carols with Precious Blood Father Angelo Anthony, pastor of Holy Trinity. CT Photo/Jeff Unroe


Jan Reed, pastoral associate at Holy Trinity Church, leads a donkey by the camel pen at the Live Nativity. Holy Trinity hosted the three-parish event in its snow-covered front lawn. CT photo/Jeff Unroe


Evelyn Dahlstrom, from Dayton’s Emmanuel Parish, portrays Mary. CT photo/Jeff Unroe


The camel doesn’t seem to mind swapping its natural desert habitat for snow. CT photo/Jeff Unroe
With temperatures in the 20s and no insulation in their pretend stable, children bundled up under their costumes. CT photo/Jeff Unroe
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