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by Courtney Mares Vatican City, Jan 5, 2022 / 04:20 am Pope Francis said on Wednesday that it is a civilizational loss when dogs and cats replace children in society, encouraging couples to “take the risk” to become parents. “The other day, I was talking about the demographic winter that

St. Joseph has two feast days on the liturgical calendar. The first is March 19—Joseph, the Husband of Mary. The second is May 1—Joseph, the Worker. “Saint Joseph is a man of great spirit. He is great in faith, not because he speaks his own words, but above all because

In March 2020, the world as we knew it came to a stop with little time to prepare. However, through faith, initial fear turned into action and acceptance of how we must change going forward. Such fear and anxiety surely gripped St. Joseph when God called him to take Mary

Our culture tells us abortion is about “reproductive freedom” and “women’s rights.” As Catholics, we know abortion is really about the right to life of the unborn, and a culture that has transformed the meaning of pregnancy from a beautiful and purposeful outcome of the marital act to an unfortunate

“Every family needs a father – a father who shares in his family’s joy and pain, hands down wisdom to his children and offers them firm guidance and love.” – Pope Francis My grandfather, Ben James, was one of a kind. Success-driven, business- oriented and obsessed with sports, he loved

Archbishop Schnurr in prayer at the Statewide Day of Adoration for Vocation (CT Photo/Greg Hartman)
The comfortable illusion that the turn of a calendar page makes everything new again was shattered for Americans in early January. After a year marked by a global pandemic, civil disruption and millions of lost jobs, 2021 began with an appalling, deadly riot at the seat of our national government.

by CNA Staff CNA Staff, Feb 24, 2021 / 03:33 pm MT (CNA).- As part of the Year of Saint Joseph called for by Pope Francis, the National Shrine of St. Joseph will host a virtual conference and rededicate the saint’s statue. The event takes place on March 19, the

When did St. Joseph die, and were Mary and Jesus with him? Where is he buried? Joseph, the foster father of Jesus and the Virgin Mary’s husband, has an important role in salvation history. Though we know relatively little about his life, he remains a model of fatherhood and the

By Kevin Jones Denver Newsroom, Dec 22, 2020 / 04:00 pm MT (CNA).- With mass unemployment still high as the coronavirus pandemic drags on, Catholics can look to St. Joseph as a special intercessor, two priests said. Citing the Holy Family’s escape to Egypt, devotional writer Father Donald Calloway said

by Mary Farrow Denver Newsroom, Aug 20, 2020 / 03:01 am MT (CNA).- He’s been called Terror of Demons, but even St. Joseph has to adhere to some coronavirus restrictions. The Diocese of Lafayette was going to kick off their Year of St. Joseph a couple months ago, but coronavirus