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Badin High School announces implementation of new technology

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January 23, 2011

HAMILTON DEANERY — Badin High School will implement Apple iPad technology for all of its students in the 2012-13 school year, Brian Pendergest, principal, announced recently.


“We have been upgrading our technology on a regular basis for the last several years, and this was the next logical step,’’ Pendergest said. “We did extensive research on 1:1 programs to see what would best fit our school, our students and our faculty. We sought input from faculty, students, parents and the community, and we’re very excited about this next step forward.”


Badin has had an iPod Touch program in place for the last two years for its current sophomore and freshman classes. This latest advance will involve the entire school.


“We’re taking our student use of technology to the next level,’’ Pendergest explained. “Personal technology and personalized learning is what it’s all about. This will serve to enhance everything that our outstanding faculty does on a daily basis.”


Technology instructor David Gretz pointed out that everything was in place at Badin to make a seamless transition to the iPads.


“The building is fully wireless, the students are very comfortable with the technology and teachers have long since gone to interactive give-and-take in the classrooms,’’ he said.
“The iPads put learning at a student’s fingertips.”


The iPads are portable, easily readable and have battery life of several days at a time. Students can use them for research, taking notes and have their textbooks on-line, as well.


Pendergest said the iPads would be deployed to the faculty during second semester to allow for professional development and training. Students will receive their iPads, including training, during the summer before school starts in August.


“Yes, this will involve some change in our routine,’’ said Teresa Heinrich, Badin’s academic dean. “But the important thing is that iPad implementation will enhance student learning opportunities today and help prepare the students for tech skills they will need once they graduate.”


Pendergest said the cost of the 1:1 iPad initiative will be financed through a lease program with the school. At the end of four years, students will be able to purchase the iPad they have been using for $1.


In the meantime, students will be able to “personalize” their iPads by downloading their own Apps to go along with the educational programming. Badin will have filters in place both in and out of school to monitor, lock and wipe student iPads to make sure material is appropriate.

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