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Todos conocemos la vieja expresión “la caridad comienza en casa”. También la fe. Una de las mayores responsabilidades que tienen los padres Católicos es transmitir la fe a sus hijos, principalmente con el ejemplo. Esto es lo que se entiende cuando se llama a la familia la “iglesia doméstica”, como

This issue of The Catholic Telegraph focuses on “faith firsts.” What does that mean, exactly? Faith firsts are those moments in our lives when we encounter some part of our faith for the very first time. What is a “faith first” for you? Was it the moment you were baptized,

In 1851, a traveler to Cincinnati was stunned by the Catholic churches that dominated the fast-developing city. This wayfarer enthused, “I say freely: in no city have I observed such deep Catholicity.” Though there are few objective measures of how Catholic a place is, the deep faith found in our

The following is a modified version of an article written by Father Earl Fernandes for The Catholic Telegraph in Feb. 2011. The U.S. has a rich history of freedom. Still, every nation’s history is filled with shadows and light; great evils have been tolerated and even perpetuated. This year marks

Where is Archbishop Purcell buried? I have heard that he might not have been buried in the grave bearing his name. There is an old riddle: “Who’s buried in Grant’s tomb?” The answer could be “no one” (since his body, strictly speaking, remains entombed above ground in a mausoleum). We

With great joy and gratitude, this month the Archdiocese of Cincinnati celebrates the 200th anniversary of our founding as a diocese by Pope Pius VII on June 19, 1821. In doing so, we reflect on our rich history. At the same time, we look ahead to a future that will

Con gran alegría y gratitud, este mes la Arquidiócesis de Cincinnati celebra el 200º aniversario de nuestra fundación como diócesis por el Papa Pío VII el 19 de junio de 1821. Al hacerlo, reflexionamos sobre nuestra abundante historia. Al mismo tiempo, miramos hacia un futuro que será diferente, pero lleno

What do you remember about your grandfather? Cardigan sweaters, a red Ford Ranger truck, pipe smoke and treats for the dogs are the first things that come to my mind – that and him slipping a $20 bill in my hand as long as I promised I would waste it.

As we worked on this commemorative bicentennial issue of The Catholic Telegraph, we dug into the 200-year history of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati, and, much like archaeologists we unearthed treasures, hardships and victories of the past. From the beginning, the Catholic faithful in this area had to overcome obstacles that

Growing up Catholic and Cuban-American in the Bible Belt of the Deep South in the late 1960s proved challenging. I experienced the awkwardness of passing on that tasty Sloppy Joe sandwich on Fridays and the humiliation of being picked up early from slumber parties because my parents couldn’t wrap their