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En este mundo en constante cambio, las 111 escuelas Católicas de la Arquidiócesis de Cincinnati están constantemente actualizando su plan de estudios, incorporando nuevos conocimientos, y adoptando nuevas metodologías y tecnologías para enseñar de manera más efectiva. Al mismo tiempo, sin embargo, nuestras escuelas están ancladas en la fe eterna

As part of marriage preparation, the priest informed us only a marriage between two baptized persons is a sacrament. Since my fiancé is not baptized, how will the Church view our marriage? Catholics exult marriage, believing God is its author. Marriage is meant to be a covenant between two baptized

When I think about my dearest friends, I recall friendships that began in grade school, my first years of teaching and my marriage. These friendships are ones that have lasted through happy and sorrowful times and shared experiences. These are people I know I can count on because they have

When I was young, we kept holy water in a small font at the entrance to our bedrooms. What is the origin of the practice? Can we still use holy water in our homes? When entering a church building, we reflexively sign ourselves with holy water. In doing so, we

“I think we should join this pagan homeschool co-op.” Those are words you don’t hear every day. Yet, sure enough, about two years ago my wife made that announcement from the other end of the house. Sufficiently derailed from my work in the office, I joined her in the living

We all know the old expression “charity begins at home.” So does faith. One of the greatest responsibilities Catholic parents have is to pass the faith on to their children, primarily by example. This is what is meant by calling the family the “domestic church,” as many popes and Church

Todos conocemos la vieja expresión “la caridad comienza en casa”. También la fe. Una de las mayores responsabilidades que tienen los padres Católicos es transmitir la fe a sus hijos, principalmente con el ejemplo. Esto es lo que se entiende cuando se llama a la familia la “iglesia doméstica”, como

This issue of The Catholic Telegraph focuses on “faith firsts.” What does that mean, exactly? Faith firsts are those moments in our lives when we encounter some part of our faith for the very first time. What is a “faith first” for you? Was it the moment you were baptized,

In 1851, a traveler to Cincinnati was stunned by the Catholic churches that dominated the fast-developing city. This wayfarer enthused, “I say freely: in no city have I observed such deep Catholicity.” Though there are few objective measures of how Catholic a place is, the deep faith found in our

The following is a modified version of an article written by Father Earl Fernandes for The Catholic Telegraph in Feb. 2011. The U.S. has a rich history of freedom. Still, every nation’s history is filled with shadows and light; great evils have been tolerated and even perpetuated. This year marks