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Celebrating our Catholic School Principals

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The Catholic Schools office in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati held their Awards Ceremony at the May Principals’ meeting.

Jeff Fulmer, Principal – St. James the Greater & Corey Stoops, Principal – Guardian Angels

Education is an evolving science and it is important that principals continually evaluate their programs and be open to new ideas. The St. John the Baptist Award is given to a principal or principals who truly “stick their necks out” to introduce new and innovative programs into their school. Regardless of whether the program succeeds or, like
St. John the Baptist, the principal becomes a martyr, this award recognizes courageous leadership and a willingness to consider new ideas.

Lourdes Lambert, Principal – Archbishop Alter High School & Jo Rhoten, Principal – St. Columban

The Civitate Dei Award is given to the principal or principals who best exemplify the concept of Christian community amongst the principals. Awardees are principals who work to build a collaborative community between school leaders. They are unafraid to share or solicit ideas, and are eager to mentor less experienced principals. Ultimately, we are unified under a single mission and a single Church. Recipients of this award help to build a City of God, or Civitate Dei, in this archdiocese by fostering a strong sense of community.

GUPpy AWARD 2019
Dan Albrinck, Principal – St. Susanna & Michael Collins, Principal – St. Peter in Chains, Hamilton

School leadership can be exceptionally challenging. Administrators are faced with a daily barrage of issues and concerns, and must employ superior problem solving skills to manage the latest conundrum. Recipients of the GUPpy Award exemplify true Grace Under Pressure (or “GUP”) when faced with unfortunate and unexpected circumstances. These principals have experienced some truly exceptional situations, but have managed these issues with exceptional poise and professionalism.

Sr. Anne Schulz, Principal – Mother Teresa

This award is named in honor of Sr. Helen, who gave 58 years of service to Catholic education, including 43 years in the Catholic Schools Office. The Habig Award is given to a principal who meets two criteria. First, recipients must have demonstrated a long term of service to our school. Through their dedication year after year, decade after decade, awardees have made the vocation of Catholic school education their lifelong career. This is not meant as a retirement award, but rather to acknowledge long service. Secondly, recipients of this award are “game-changers”; they have helped re-define the field of Catholic education for the better. Not only have they demonstrated long service, but they have re-shaped Catholic education by building upon strengths and making all of the school better through their effort and example. Like Sr. Helen, recipients of this award are true shepherds of Catholic education.

Aaron Marshall, Principal – LaSalle High School & Kim Roy, Principal – St. Vincent Ferrer

This award is given to a principal or principals who personify the ideal of Christ the Teacher. Jesus is the ultimate teacher, the divine example of effective leadership. Recipients of this award demonstrate not only excellence in school administration, but in Christian service to all of God’s children. Through their love, compassion, dedication, and faith, Christ the Teacher Award winners serve as an example of Christian leadership and service in the archdiocese.

Cure’ d’ Ars AWARD
Fr. Chris Worland, Pastor – St. Albert the Great

A Catholic school cannot thrive without good leadership. While the archdiocese is blessed with many talented principals, it is also fitting that we recognize superior leadership in our school pastors. The Cure’ d’ Ars award recognizes school pastors who show outstanding support for Catholic education. Not only is this dedication directed toward their own parish school, but recipients of this award champion the mission of all Catholic schools to the broader archdiocesan community and their brother priests. This award is names in honor of St. John Vianney, patron saint of priests, also called the “Cure’ d’ Ars”.

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