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CJ Announces Marcus Colvin as Director of OSS

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As a teacher, a coach and, now, an administrator, Marcus Colvin is always ready for a challenge.

“I set the goal of being a teacher long ago — and once thought that the decision would last my entire career,” Colvin said. “When I was provided the opportunity to serve as acting director of student services last fall, I believed it would offer me a formative professional experience. The job was and remains very challenging, but that challenge really inspires me.”

That challenge is just beginning as Chaminade Julienne announces today that Colvin is the school’s director of student services.
“In just seven months, Marcus has grown into this new administrative position and admits that he has learned a lot about what it takes to serve students and families at CJ,” principal Greg Mueller said.

“Through an extensive search this spring, Marcus emerged as the top candidate to serve as the director of student services for next school year. He brings a new, fresh perspective and true voice of the students to the leadership conversations on CJ’s Educational Leadership team.”

Colvin joined the Chaminade Julienne community in 2004 as a social studies teacher – happily serving the students in room 151. This past summer, part of Colvin’s preparations as a teacher for the new school year included completing professional development in preparation for CJ’s recently implemented standards based grading plan.

“One of his true gifts as an educator is making personal connections with students and creating real and lasting relationships,” Mueller said. “When students were in Marcus’ class, they knew they would be cared for with his full attention.”

He was named Eagles head football coach in 2011, a position he still holds today. In his almost decade-long tenure, Colvin helped the Eagles regain their position as a local powerhouse, but it’s about much more than wins and losses to him.

“Marcus sees himself as a mentor to his football players just as much as he considers himself a coach,” Mueller said.

Colvin, who will finish his masters degree in educational leadership at the University of Dayton this summer, is excited to be part of a strong team — not just on the football field.

“I am blessed to have excellent and hard-working assistants in the office,” he said. “Together, our office will create a strong foundation for our school — a supportive place for our teachers, our students and our community as a whole. I have called the office of student services the heartbeat of our school.”

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