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Family Life Activities: Embrace the feasts of August’s remaining Saturdays

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It can be easy in the summer months to focus so much on vacations and trips to the pool or backyard BBQs while we neglect the liturgical calendar of the church. While the month of August takes place in “ordinary time,” here’s some extraordinary ways to involve your family in faith-related activities.

Aug. 8, St. Dominic — On this feast day of St. Dominic, have the family gather lilies and make a bouquet honoring St. Dominic’s notable chastity. In the evening, design a program and watch the night sky for constellations and use this as an educational moment. St. Dominic is a patron saint of astronomy.

Aug. 15, Solemnity of the Assumption — Begin at 6:00 p.m. on Friday evening and recite the Angelus. Start your Saturday with Mass and have a brunch afterward beginning with the recitation of the Memorare. At each activity during the day, whether it’s attending a sports event, going out to dinner, etc., recite the Hail Mary. As the day ends, create a scroll and have each family member write down a petition for our Blessed Mother. Roll up the scroll and place it in a prominent place in the home. End the day with the singing of Salve Regina.

Aug. 22 Memorial of the Queenship of the Blessed Virgin Mary — On this octave of the Assumption, concentrate this day on the role The Blessed Virgin Mary plays in our lives. Recite Marian prayers through the day such as the Angelus, Memorare, Hail Mary, etc. A family activity is to bake from scratch a Crown Cake and serve for dessert after supper. End the evening once again singing of Salve Regina.

Aug. 28, Memorial of the Passion of St. John the Baptist — As August ends and summer ends, today is a day to remember death of St. John the Baptist. Today’s family activity could simply be a fast day, and praying for those persecuted throughout the world for their Christian beliefs. Enjoy the last of summer days by taking a walk and enjoying the sun light, remembering the light that St. John the Baptist brought to the world. Pray the Canticle of Zechariah to end the day.

Throughout August — Pray for our School Administrators, Teachers, and Students for the upcoming Academic year. Kickoff the school year on Aug. 10 with a cookout and prayers on this memorial of St. Lawrence, as he is the patron saint of school children. For an educational moment, look skyward and look for the Perseids meteor shower. Some traditions holds that these are the tears of St. Lawrence.

Posted August 5, 2015


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