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Fenwick, McNicholas postgame prayer may start new tradition

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Players and staff from Bishop Fenwick, left, and McNicholas high schools meet near midfield after McNicholas' 35-28 win on Sept. 27. Both schools are SportsLeader clients and SportsLeader hopes to see postgame prayer become a new tradition at Catholic athletic events. (Courtesy Photo by Trevor Good/Easterling Studios)

Staff Report

When SportsLeader works with Catholic schools, one of its hopes is to help the school strengthen their Catholic identity.

One of the ways SportsLeader does this is by encouraging prayer after athletic contests.

Two SportsLeader schools, members Bishop Fenwick and McNicholas, met on the football field Sept. 27. The game came down to the final minutes, with McNicholas pulling out the win 35-28.

Sportsleader reported that McNicholas had prepared for the game by focusing on the virtue of courage throughout their week, while Bishop Fenwick focused on the virtue of unity. Both schools are members of the Greater Catholic League.

Praying with the other team after a heated contest is a rare site, but the two teams met near midfield for a postgame prayer.

“The end result is that hopefully all players, coaches, parents and fans remember that we are all brothers and sisters, that the game was not the end itself but a means to help us all grow in virtue and grow closer to Christ, who was the ultimate model of every virtue,” read a SportsLeader press release. “We would like to encourage all Catholic schools to make this a tradition with their sports programs.”

SportsLeader is a virtue-based mentoring and motivation program for coaches of all ages, youth through professional, for boys, girls, young men and young women. It is for schools and teams, whether public or private, who are interested in a structured, intentional and specific method and curriculum to help teach virtue.

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