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God’s Mechanics: The Religious Life of Techies

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Athenaeum of Ohio – Brother Guy delivered his lecture to 275 people, including Athenaeum seminarians, faculty and staff, Frassati Fellowship young adults, Cincinnati Astronomical Society members and Sisters of Notre Dame. He told the group that the Church has always supported scientific study. He said, “Studying science is an act of worship; it’s an act of getting closer to the Creator.”

The crowd learned about technological people’s typically pragmatic and non-traditional approach to the search for God and religion. “We all have different understandings about who God is,” said Billie Schimian, a graduate of the Lay Pastoral Ministry Program. Brother Guy reminded the audience that people whose opinions differ from ours, even greatly so, have a lot of truths they can teach us.

“The gift that results from the Techie world view,” said Brother Guy, “is their ability to analyze and to recognize what can be solved, which gives us the power and the courage to attack issues like poverty, disease and social injustice. Techies have a way of working with the universe that we can learn from – they are God’s mechanics

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