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Jubilarians 2018: Sisters of Charity

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75 Years

Sister Maureen Donovan

A native of Iowa, Sister Maureen Donovan spent her active ministry years as an educator in Ohio and Michigan. She first ministered as a primary school teacher at the following Archdiocesan schools: St. Patrick, Cincinnati (1945-’50); St. Aloysius, Fayetteville (1950-’51); Resurrection, Cincinnati (1951-’55); and St. Bernadette, Amelia (1956-’60). The last 35 years of her full-time ministry were served as an elementary principal at St. James in Bay City, Michigan. As a retired volunteer, Sister currently resides at the St. James convent in Bay City.

Sister John Miriam Jones

A native of Denver, Colorado, Sister John Miriam Jones began her years of ministry as a teacher and administrator in elementary and secondary schools in Ohio, Illinois, Colorado and New Mexico. In 1972 she joined the University of Notre Dame as an assistant professor of microbiology and then associate provost until 1989. She was Notre Dame’s first high-level female administrator and played the principal role in the university’s integration of women undergraduates. She came to Cincinnati to serve as academic dean at the College of Mount St. Joseph from 1997 until 2001. Since, she has retired to the Motherhouse at Mount St. Joseph, where she continues to volunteer and serve the ministry of prayer.

Sister Ann Koebel

Born in Chillicothe, Ohio, Sister Ann Koebel (formerly Sister Marianna) ministered as an elementary and secondary teacher, counselor and administrator at many locations in Ohio, Michigan, Colorado and New Mexico. In Cincinnati, she ministered at Seton High School (teacher, 1957-’62; counselor, 1965-’67) and Marian High School (counselor, 1968-’72; assistant principal, 1972-’73). From 1974 until 1978, she was the assistant principal at St. Joseph Infant and Maternity Home before ministering as her Community’s personnel director from 1981-’84. Currently a retired volunteer, Sister Ann resides in Mother Margaret Hall.

Sister Benedicta Mahoney

Born in Springfield, Ohio, Sister Benedicta Mahoney dedicated more than 50 years to elementary and secondary education in schools in Michigan, Ohio and Illinois. As a junior high school teacher, she taught at St. William, Cincinnati (1953-’54); St. Lawrence, Cincinnati (1954-’55); and St. Gabriel, Glendale (1957-’58). More recently Sister Benedicta is known for years of teaching at Seton High School where she ministered for 19 years (1983-2002). Following her retirement, Sister Benedicta began 13 years of volunteer ministry in the Sisters of Charity Archives. She currently resides in the Motherhouse and continues to volunteer in various capacities.

Sister Marie Alice Moran

Born in Cincinnati, Sister Marie Alice Moran’s education ministry carried her across the country, as she served in Florida, Colorado, Michigan, and Ohio. She ministered as an intermediate teacher at the following schools in the Archdiocese: Holy Trinity, Middletown (1956-’58); St. Teresa, Springfield (1959-’64); St. Bernard, Springfield (1964-’65); Annunciation, Cincinnati (1966-’67); and Elizabeth Seton, Milford (1984-’85). In 1989, Sister Marie Alice left the formal classroom to minister in the reading lab at the College of Mount St. Joseph, where she remained until 1995. Sister is currently a retired volunteer and resides in the Mount St. Joseph Motherhouse.

Sister Theresa Ann Moran

Born in Detroit, Michigan, Sister Theresa Ann Moran spent four of her early years as a teacher at the following Archdiocesan schools: Holy Angels, Sidney (1950-’51); St. William, Cincinnati (1953-54); and St. Bernard, Springfield (1954-’56). For 20 additional years she served in elementary and secondary schools in Colorado, Illinois and Michigan. In 1970 Sister Theresa Ann left the classroom to serve as religious education coordinator in two Michigan parishes. From 1989-1997 she was the resident manager at Senior Housing in St. Clair Shores, Michigan. She retired in 1997 and continued to serve God’s people in various volunteer ministries. Sister Theresa Ann returned to the Mount St. Joseph Motherhouse in 2015 where she currently serves the ministry of prayer.

Sister Mary Paula Renne

Born in Mankato, Minnesota, Sister Mary Paula Renne dedicated 53 years to educating children in Catholic grade schools throughout Ohio, Michigan and Illinois. She taught primary grades at St. Patrick in Cincinnati from 1946-’49. Following retirement in 1994 Sister currently participates in the ministry of prayer and presence.

Sister Bernadette Marie Shumate

Born and raised in Cincinnati, Sister Bernadette Marie Shumate dedicated her service to St. Rita School for the Deaf, where she remained for 50 years. She served first as an elementary teacher (1945-’71), then as a resident advisor (1971-’90), and finally as teacher of the hearing impaired (1990-’95). Currently retired, Sister resides in Mother Margaret Hall and volunteers her time to pastoral care.

70 Years

Sister Grace Ann Gratsch

Born in Cincinnati, Sister Grace Gratsch was missioned to Rome, Italy, to teach English to Italian boys at Villa Nazareth (1959-’65). Locally, she served as pastoral minister at Nativity (1974-’79), St. Bonaventure (1981-’84), and St. Aloysius Gonzaga (1988-’96). Sister also served as assistant director of ministry at the Motherhouse (1979-’81) and director of religious education at Holy Name in Trenton, Ohio (1985-’88). Retired now, she volunteers her time to various services and resides at the Motherhouse.

Sister Marie Patrice Joyce

Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, Sister Marie Patrice Joyce enjoyed her years of active ministry as an educator. In Cincinnati, she began as a primary teacher at St. Saviour (1950-’51) and St. Boniface (1956-’63). Sister then ministered at St. Andrew in Milford, Ohio, where she was principal from 1968-’71, and later parish religious education coordinator (1971-’78) before returning to the role of principal from 1978-’85. She is now retired and resides at the Motherhouse, volunteering in her spare time.

Sister Ann Lehman

Born in Dayton, Ohio, Sister Ann Lehman (formerly Sister Ann Josetta) spent 38 years teaching throughout Ohio, Colorado, Maryland, and Michigan. Within the Archdiocese, she served first at Holy Cross, Sidney (1955-’57), then Holy Angels, Sidney (1967-’70) and St. Albert, Dayton (1972-’87). Sister later was a house manager at St. Leonard Center, Dayton, throughout the 1990s. Living in Mother Margaret Hall, she is now retired and volunteers in various services.

Sister Barbara Muth

A native of Dayton, Sister Barbara Muth (formerly Sister Richard) served in a variety of roles in Ohio, Michigan, and the West. In Cincinnati, Sister taught primary and intermediate education at St. Martin De Porres (1954-’57) and St. Dominic (1957-’61). She later served as principal at St. Bernadette in Amelia, Ohio (1961-’67), and pastoral minister at St. Anthony Padua in Dayton (1991-’93). From 2001-’05, Sister ministered as director of the Seton Enablement Fund. Now retired and living in Mother Margaret Hall, she serves as a volunteer in pastoral care.

Sister Mary Pauline Tsai

A native of Beijing, China, Sister Mary Pauline Tsai studied to be a registered nurse at Good Samaritan Hospital in Dayton, Ohio. After one year of service at a hospital in Kenton, Ohio, Sister was missioned to St. Mary-Corwin Hospital in Pueblo, Colorado, where she worked for 11 years. Upon returning to the Archdiocese, she was a nurse at Cincinnati Good Samaritan Hospital (1970-’76) and at St. Joseph Infant Home (1976-’81). The last 12 years of her nursing ministry were at Mother Margaret Hall nursing facility at Mount St. Joseph. Retired since 1993, Sister Mary Pauline is currently serving the ministry of prayer and presence.

65 Years

Sister Rita Cocquyt

Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, Sister Rita Cocquyt responded to her call as a Sister through education. As a primary teacher in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati, she worked at St. William, Cincinnati (1959-’61); St. Rose, Cincinnati (1961-’62); and St. John the Baptist, Harrison (1962-’63). Beyond the Archdiocese of Cincinnati, Sister has served as a teacher, reading center director, resource manager and computer technician across schools in her home state of Michigan. She is retired and living at the Motherhouse, volunteering as needed.

Sister Marilyn Joseph Czarnecki

Born and raised in Jackson, Michigan, Sister Marilyn Joseph Czarnecki spent over 45 years in education. Starting out as a primary teacher at Little Flower school in Royal Oak, Michigan (1956-’57), Sister then taught at Cincinnati Archdiocese schools. From 1960-’62, she taught at Corpus Christi school in Dayton, Ohio; from 1966-’72 at St. Saviour in Rossmoyne, Ohio; and from 1972-’81 Sister served as early childhood director at Early Learn Center in Mount St. Joseph. Before retiring in 2004, Sister was the principal of two Michigan elementary schools. She currently resides in Elkhart, Indiana, where she devotes her time to the ministry of prayer.

Sister Florence (Rose) Izzo

A native of Lansing, Michigan, Sister Rose Izzo has always ministered in the field of education, going into counseling later in life. She began her teaching ministry at Guardian Angels school in Detroit, Michigan (1955-’60), and then came to Cincinnati to teach at St. Patrick school (1960-’63) and St. Boniface school (1963-’68). For 15 years, Sister served in various education and counseling positions in Michigan before returning to Cincinnati as a self-employed counselor (1990-’95). From 1996-2005, Sister served as a counselor for two organizations in Michigan, and then retired. She currently resides in Mother Margaret Hall.

Sister Jane Bernadette Leo

Born and raised in Dayton, Sister Jane Bernadette Leo began her ministry at St. Rita School for the Deaf in Cincinnati in 1955, where she served first as a primary teacher. She left St. Rita for three years (1967-’70) to teach at St. Charles School in Lima, Ohio, but returned to St. Rita to minister in various capacities as elementary teacher, resident advisor, and religion teacher until 2006. Though retired, she still lives on the property of St. Rita, where she continues to volunteer her services.

Sister Frances Maureen Trampiets

Born in Chicago, Illinois, Sister Frances Maureen Trampiets has served as an educator in numerous schools across the country. Of her works in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati, Sister has served as an intermediate teacher (1959-’60) and a junior high teacher (1960-’65) at Corpus Christi in Dayton, then served as a high School English teacher at Marian High School in Cincinnati (1971-’75). She continued her service in Cincinnati through pastoral ministry at St. Stephen (1975-’77) and she served as communications director for the Sisters of Charity (1979-’84). At the University of Dayton Sister was the program director of curriculum development (1985-2001) and at the St. Mary Development Corporations she worked in communications (2001-’06). Sister is retired and currently living at the Mount St. Joseph Motherhouse.

60 Years

Sister Patmarie Bernard

Born in Celina, Ohio, Sister Patmarie Bernard (Patrick Marie) ministered with her contributions to healthcare. In her career of meeting the medical needs of others, Sister served much of her active ministry years in Santa Fe and Albuquerque, New Mexico, most notably as the executive director of Villa Therese Catholic Clinic (1981-2004) in Santa Fe. She currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Bayley Place Senior Care since 2011, aided in spiritual direction and retreat ministry at the Motherhouse since 2006, and works at the Santa Maria Community Center both on the Board of Directors and as a RN in their wellness clinics.

Sister Jackie Kowalski

Sister Jacqueline Kowalski was born in Mount Clemens, Michigan and has served as a teacher and licensed psychologist. Her service was exclusively in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati beginning with her career as a teacher at St. Saviour (Rossmoyne) from 1961-’63 and St. Andrew in Milford from 1963-’66. She taught students with learning disabilities at Springer School and Center from 1966-’70, then was made principal of that same institution from 1970-’75. At Mount St. Joseph University she served as the director of the Diagnostic Clinic from 1980-’91. Sister was the director of Seton Family Center from 1989 until 2013. Today she continues to serve Fernside Center for Grieving Children and Bereavement Groups at Resurrection School.

Sister Patricia Newhouse

Born and raised in Lansing, Michigan, Sister Patricia Newhouse answered her call to serve in the field of education. Within the Archdiocese of Cincinnati, she served as an elementary teacher at Annunciation School in Cincinnati (1962-’66) and St. Brigid School in Xenia (1966-’68). After briefly returning home to Lansing then to Cleveland to serve as a teacher, she returned to the Archdiocese of Cincinnati at St. Martin de Porres (1977-’79). Sister is currently retired and serving as a pastoral minister at St. Martha Parish in Okemos, Michigan, and is on the Diocesan Sisters Advisory Board as well as the Sisters Advisory Council.

Sister Christine Rody

Sister Christine Rody (the former Sister Marie Thomas Aquinas) was born in Bedford, Ohio. Her dedication to service travelled beyond the borders of her nation as she participated as a missionary in El Salvador from 1975 until 1980. Her leadership skills were commendable prior to this trip as she served as an elementary school teacher in schools across Cleveland. Since joining the Sisters of Charity, Sister has served as a councilor for the congregation (2011-2015) and currently serves as the Defender of the Bond on behalf of the Cleveland Diocesan Tribunal and volunteers for the Seeds of Literacy Program and St. Vincent DePaul Charitable Pharmacy.

Sister Juliette Sabo

Sister Juliette Sabo was born in Detroit, Michigan, and has dedicated her life and gifts to the field of education. One of her first contributions to the Archdiocese of Cincinnati was as an elementary school teacher (1961-’67). She returned to her hometown to use her gifts as a teacher, but a majority of her time as an educator was in Cleveland. She eventually returned to Cincinnati in 1993 where she taught at St. Mark School for three years, and then at Resurrection School until her retirement in 2013. Since then, Sister has been volunteering as a teacher aide at Resurrection School, but she also serves as a Eucharistic Minister at Holy Family Church and at the Holy Family/St. Vincent de Paul Pantry.

Sister Ginny Scherer

Born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, Sister Ginny Scherer spent her years in active ministry as a high school teacher, most of the schools she taught at were in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati. In 1966, she began teaching at Archbishop Alter High School in Dayton, Ohio after teaching for four years in Detroit, Michigan. Sister went on to teach at various school in the Archdiocese, including teaching for seven years at Lehman Catholic High School in Sidney (1970-’77). She came back to Lehman to teach science classes in 2001 and continues to minister there today. Currently, she lives at the St. Mary Convent in Piqua, Ohio.

Sister Marie Irene Schneider

Born in Detroit, Michigan, Sister Marie Irene Schneider dedicated her life to the education of future generations. From 1962-’68 she taught English at Carroll High School in Dayton, Ohio and began teaching at Seton High School the following year. In 1976, she was appointed the assistant principal at Seton High School until 1982, but returned to the classroom where she taught until 2013. The retired Sister currently resides at the Motherhouse.

Sister Roberta Westrick

A native of Detroit, Michigan, Sister Roberta Westrick has responded to her calling in the service of others and in education. Beginning her ministry in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati, Sister was an elementary teacher at St. Saviour (Rossmoyne) from 1962 until 1964, where she taught at St. Dominic (1964-’66). After serving countless ministries in Colorado Springs, Colorado, Jefferson City, Missouri, Orlando, Florida, and Denver, Colorado, Sister has since retired. She currently volunteers at Sacred Heart Church Pantry in Colorado Springs and sells some of her original art to patrons where she has served.

50 Years

Sister Mary Catherine Faller

A native of Cincinnati, Sister Mary Catherine Faller has ministered in education and healthcare. She taught Home Economics at Elizabeth Seton High School in Chicago, Illinois (1972-’73) and Seton High School in Cincinnati from 1974-’79. She then became a dietitian in 1981, ministering at many different places until 2011. Sister spent five of those years at Good Samaritan Hospital in Cincinnati (1982-’86) and (1987-’88) and 12 years at S. Joseph Home in Cincinnati (1999-2011). Currently, Sister serves as coordinator of the Hospitality Office at the Sisters of Charity Motherhouse where she also resides.

25 Years

Sister Louise Zaplitny

Born in Detroit, Michigan, Sister Louise Zaplitny has ministered diligently both in her hometown and Cincinnati as a chaplain. During her years of service in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati, Sister has served as a chaplain at Vencare Hospice for one year in 1997, then at Mercy Hospital from 1997 until 2003 after her education at Bethesda North Hospital. After returning to her hometown to serve as a chaplain once more, Sister Louise came back to the Cincinnati area to serve the Springfield Regional Medical Center (2008-’11) and was then promoted to special care coordinator at Mercy Siena Retirement Community from 2011 until 2015. In her retirement, she still responds to her call through volunteer work at Good Samaritan Hospital for Spiritual Care and Brummer Literacy Center.

The Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati, an apostolic Catholic women’s religious community, exist to carry out the Gospel of Jesus Christ through prayer and service in the world. Sisters, using their professional talents in the fields of education, health care, social services and environmental justice, live and minister in 23 U.S. dioceses and in Guatemala and Mexico. They also sponsor institutions to address education, health care and social service needs, with particular concern for direct service to the poor. Approximately 289 Sisters are joined in mission by 206 Associates (lay men and women). Visit the Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati website at www.srcharitycinti.org or on Facebook at www.facebook.com/sistersofcharityofcincinnati.

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