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McAuley and Mother Mercy High Schools are asking for opinion

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McAuley and Mother of Mercy High Schools are asking for your opinion to help to inform the brand strategy of the new Mercy McAuley High School.

Stakeholders from several groups associated with McAuley and Mother of Mercy are being contacted to participate in a survey. These groups include:
• Students
• Parents of students
• Faculty/staff
• Alumnae

Consumer Clarity, a research company, is conducting the surveys. It is important that you know that all individual survey responses made by research participants will be treated as completely confidential and anonymous. Only responses in aggregate (for example, all parents or all students, etc.) will be shared with the Transition Team. So, please feel free to be as candid as possible.

A few notes to consider:
• For parents of multiple students at the two high schools: Please feel free to complete the survey multiple times, once for each of your daughters attending the high schools.
• For those people who fit into multiple groups identified above: We realize that there are some people who may be parents, faculty/staff, and/or alumnae of either of the two high schools. In that case, you will likely receive multiple requests to complete surveys. Please feel free to complete as many of these requests as you wish – from the parent perspective, from the faculty/staff perspective, and/or from the alumnae perspective. It’s your choice how you express your voice.

The survey should only take about 10 minutes on average to complete. Here is the web address link to complete the survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/McAuleyAlums

Please complete the survey by Sunday, July 30.

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