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Meet Scott Kopp who will be ordained in the Diocese of Youngstown

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Deacon Scott M. Kopp
Family: Father: David Kopp, retired steel worker
Mother: Mary Lou Comignaghi, works at county Credit Union
Step-Father: Michael Comignaghi, Insurance Company
Brother: David Kopp, financial officer, Superior Clay Corp.
Sister-in-Law: Molly Kopp, owns design firm
Step-brothers and wives:
Heath and Brandy Comignaghi
Jason and Virginia Comignaghi
Parish: St. Joseph, Dover, OH
Diocese of Youngstown
Schooling: K-8: Dover City Schools, Dover High School; University of Akron: bachelor’s degree in Theatre Arts; Walsh University: master’s degree in theology; Mount St. Mary’s of the West: MDiv.

What led you to pursue the priesthood?
It has been a cycle of callings throughout my life. Growing up Catholic and being involved in our parish; searching for meaning and purpose during college; and finally reflecting on my service to others.

What has the journey been like as you neared ordination?
Each year, with more responsibility entrusted to me, it gets more fulfilling as time goes by. The last few months before ordination are a busy time of finishing classes, wrapping things up at the seminary, and looking ahead to the first assignment. I am very anxious to get to work and begin my ministry.

Was there a single person who greatly influenced your decision to become a priest?
I was the campus minister at a Catholic high school for 10 years and it was my work with the students that finally led me to the seminary. All of the work with them and the time involved in their lives encouraged me to go deeper in my ministry.

What message would you offer to those who want to serve God but do not know how?
To discover what God wants you to do with your life, you should do the traditional things that come from our history that have been proven moments for dialogue with God. I hope you are going to Mass at least on Sundays and Holy Days. To explore your purpose in the church, try to go to Mass one more day each week. Whatever you are doing for prayers each day, increase it just a little bit more. However often you are volunteering to be of service to others, up the hours just a little bit. These are the normal times that God comes to us, in my experience. If you haven’t heard His voice yet in these times, spend a little more time doing them and listening.

How has being a deacon (or your practical internship) influenced the type of priest that you will be?
It has encouraged me to be ready to serve. You never know who will knock on the door or what will come next. So as far as scheduling is concerned, you need to be adaptable as well. There is always more work to be done. There are always people you can spend time with, lives to share in. Balance out these things and jump into what is happening.

What are some of your thoughts about beginning priestly life?
I am mostly very excited to begin my sacramental ministry.

What advice would you offer about discerning a vocation?
Same as the question about serving God, but you also must have a spiritual director.

What will you miss most about your seminary preparation time? What will you value the most?
There were always men around with whom to share your joys, fears, anxieties, and frustration.

What types of non-church jobs have you had?
In college. I was an actor and a singer. Between shows, I worked at a music store selling sheet music and band instruments. For two years, I was the youth minister at a parish and for ten years, I was the campus minister at a Catholic high school.

What type of extracurricular activities did you enjoy in college? High school?
College was mostly studies and work. In high school, I was in the band, choir, and theater.

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