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On Sacred Heart Radio: Check out the Driving Home the Faith’s Guest this week

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Highlights of what’s on this weeks Driving Home the Faith

Monday, June 21:“Catholic All Year” blogger will talk with Fr. Rob about her new book of prayers and how to pray with your family; “Crisis” editor Eric Sammons will explain how corrosive online communications led the online magazine to end the comment boxes on its stories

Tuesday, June 22 : Writer Gene van Son will talk will discuss the difference between parents loving their same-sex attracted children, and parents loving those children more than they love God; Theology of the Home author Noelle Mehring will introduce her new book, “Awake, Not Woke”

Wednesday, June 23: Ignatius Press’s Mark Brumley will talk about who is, and who isn’t, “politicizing the Eucharist”; legal analyst Ken Craycraft will explain what to celebrate — and what to look out for — in the Supreme Court’s decision on Philadelphia’s Catholic foster care agency

Thursday, June 24: AFr. Charles Fox and Fr. Rob will discuss what it means for a priest to be “pastoral”: Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse of the Ruth Institute returns for a double segment to discuss current events

Friday June 25 : Madeleine Enzlberger of Observatory on Intolernance and Discrimination Against Christians in Europe will let us know the details of the multiple, violent, daily attacks against churches in Europe — especially France; Dr. George Barna will explain what his American Worldview Survey shows about the radical, rapid realignment of religious values in America 




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