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Stations of the Infant Jesus

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What do you think Jesus’ laugh sounded like? Do you think he snorted or giggled? Was it a hearty guffaw or a milder chuckle?

What would it be like to hear Jesus when he was only three- or four-years-old, laughing as St. Joseph played with him?

These kinds of reflections are exactly what you’ll find when you pray through the Stations of the Infant Jesus.

You may have prayed the Stations of the Cross during Lent. The Stations of the Infant Jesus, originally promulgated by St. Alphonsus Liguori, are similar, except they focus on the incarnation, birth and infancy of Jesus.

These stations are an incredible way to step back, slow down and pray through the simple and intimate moments of the child Jesus.

Here are the 12 Stations of the Infant Jesus, adapted from St. Alphonsus Liguori’s original list:

1. Jesus is incarnate
2. Jesus is born
3. Mary feeds Jesus
4. Jesus is wrapped in swaddling clothes
5. Jesus is adored by the Magi
6. Jesus is presented in the Temple
7. Jesus flees into Egypt
8. Jesus cries
9. Jesus is carried by his Mother
10. Jesus plays with St. Joseph
11. Jesus learns to walk
12. Jesus sleeps

We don’t learn much about Jesus’ early life from scripture. We know about the presentation in the temple, fleeing to Egypt, being discovered in His father’s house when he was around 12 – but scripture doesn’t talk much about His daily life. These moments are like the treasured things that Mary “kept in the silence of her heart” (Luke 2:19). Within the Stations of the Infant Jesus, we are invited to step into this unknown time in the life of Christ. God came to us as an infant – tiny, vulnerable and needy. He came in the least threatening way possible. He became small and came close.

Advent is a time to embrace that closeness. You and your family can use these Stations to do just that. Take an hour, spending five minutes on each Station. Speak together about each moment, imagining what happened. Or pray one station per night for 12 nights. Perhaps pick your favorites and talk to God about that moment in His life, and share with Him the special moments in your own life.

To help you in your prayer, we have created printable Stations of the Infant Jesus. You can access them by visiting thecatholictelegraph.com/ advent-guide and downloading “The Ultimate Guide to Advent.” The Stations are also a great activity for the family. Let the kids color the Stations, then hang them up around your home.

Advent is an incredible time to step back and be simple. Cuddle with your children and read a Bible story. Make a warm meal on a cold night and share everything you are thankful for. Talk with your spouse about your best memories from the past year. We hope these Stations will be an opportunity for you to get close, slow down and get to know Jesus this Advent.

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