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Generations of Boston College students have been profoundly influenced by the wisdom, intelligence and wit of philosophy professor Peter Kreeft. Countless readers have benefited from his voluminous writings. Bishop Robert Barron’s Word on Fire Institute is arguably the world’s most sophisticated and effective communicator of the New Evangelization. So, when

I don’t know about you, but there came a point in my adult life when suddenly the Eucharist seemed perplexing and oddly foreign. I needed more ownership of something I had begun taking for granted. I needed a better understanding of why Jesus instituted the Eucharist. Thankfully, I started listening

Review by Jessica Rinaudo Do you ever find yourself struggling to figure out the best way to pray with your family? Or perhaps you’re in search of a way to mix up the traditional mealtime prayer? I picked up a copy of Bless Us, O Lord: A Family Treasury of

Long-time Friends Team Up to Write and Illustrate Children’s Book, The Cliff By Rebecca Sontag The Cliff, written by Mark Phillips and illustrated by Terri Hamlin, is a lovely allegorical tale rife with valuable lessons for the choosing. An old man finds himself a modest home perched high upon a

The Catholic Telegraph’s Albano Launches New Book Interview by Jessica Rinaudo The Catholic Telegraph’s own Dominick Albano has a book debuting this month, and, bit by bit, it’s practically guaranteed to make you, and (perhaps even more importantly) any young people in your life who have fallen away from the

By Rebecca Sontag For Us Men and Our Salvation Rock bottom” sometimes comes halfway up a towering mountain under a wide-open blue sky in Wyoming. That’s where Jill Bischoff was when she pulled her car over to the side of the road that late-Friday afternoon in 1996. She had heard

Loving daughter shares experiences as caregiver By Eileen Connelly, OSU “I’m a nurse, not a writer,” said Amy Neuzil. Yet Neuzil has used her medical background and personal experience to pen a candid and compassionate book, “Becoming an Alzheimer’s Caregiver: What I Learned from Caring for My Mom” (Prospect Press,

For centuries St. Francis of Assisi has pointed others to Christ. His writings, associated legends and popular sayings have inspired priests, laity and even the present Holy Father. Popular culture knows the founder of the Franciscan orders for his commitment to poverty and love of animals, but these alone do