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In this series, we have attempted to ground our understanding of the Beacons of Light initiative in the Church as the Family of God. As the Family of God, we journey together in a synodal way, imitating the walking together of the Trinity. This “walking together” requires walking also with

“I always encouraged my kids to be who they were created to be… share what they are and what they have with God. Everyone has their own gifts, so whatever that is should be used to bring glory to God’s name and bring people to the Church.” These words were

In last month’s issue of The Catholic Telegraph, we spoke of the need for “Families of Parishes” to journey together in a synodal way. Living a synodal life begins with the Holy Trinity. In this article, I want to explore more deeply the roots of this “journeying together” as the

In the first two articles of this series, we explored the foundations for Beacons of Light. The first described the Church as the Family of God, and the second shared characteristics of an evangelizing community. Each Family of Parishes formed through the Beacons of Light process is called to make

This month brings a new event designed to minister to couples suffering from infertility. On Oct. 16, the archdiocese will host its first St. Gerard Morning of Reflection for Infertile Couples at St. Ignatius Loyola Parish on the West Side of Cincinnati. The morning is made to lovingly receive couples

Ask most moms and they will tell you that any extra set of hands or help with their children is appreciated. For mothers who are doing everything on their own though, that extra help goes much further. That’s where the Walking with Moms in Need program can be a welcomed

Last month, I reflected on the Church as the Family of God. We need to think not only of parishes as families, but of multiple parishes as extended families or “Families of Parishes,” as we move from maintenance to mission. Beacons of Light is a means for channeling our resources

The Church is a sign and instrument of communion with God and of unity among all men and women who are called to bring the joy of the Gospel to the whole world. One scriptural image used by the Second Vatican Council which may be helpful for understanding the forthcoming

Many today understand the sacrament of confirmation as a “rite of passage,”, but it is much more than that. In baptism, the Holy Spirit is poured into our hearts; in confirmation, we are sealed with the gift of the Holy Spirit. As young people and converts receive this sacrament, they

The following is a modified version of an article written by Father Earl Fernandes for The Catholic Telegraph in Feb. 2011. The U.S. has a rich history of freedom. Still, every nation’s history is filled with shadows and light; great evils have been tolerated and even perpetuated. This year marks