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Staff Report Pope Francis’ visit to the United States is over but the Food for All: Be Multiplied campaign to welcome him has two more events taking place this week. On Wednesday, Oct. 21, Reverend David Beckmann, the president of Bread for the World, will speak at Queen of the

By Tony Stieritz Archdiocese of Cincinnati Catholic Social Action Office Director Pope Francis’s superstardom is back in Rome, and I already miss him.  Some of it has to do with his bold words and humble interactions with so many people, especially the poor.  But mostly it’s because of what he

By John Stegeman The Catholic Telegraph With big goals and a big purpose, the Archdiocese of Cincinnati set out to welcome Pope Francis to the United States by honoring the Holy Father’s commitment to ending hunger. On Tuesday, the archdiocese announced all the goals had been met. The plan was

Staff Report For the second-straight week, Food for All serves as the subject of Friday Photo. The Archdiocese of Cincinnati officially launched its Food for All campaign in early July, but its unofficial kickoff event happened Tuesday at the offices of Stelter and Brinck in Harrison, Ohio.

Staff Report You’re probably familiar with Food for All, but if not, you will be soon. A creative branding effort, featuring a fish and bread, the campaign name, and the slogan Be Multiplied, the branding calls to mind Jesus’ feeding of the 5,000 with only five loaves of bread and

Staff Report No one should be hungry. The archdiocesan Catholic Social Action Office, in partnership with the Office of the New Evangelization, Catholic Charities Southwestern Ohio and Catholic Social Services of the Miami Valley, is sponsoring Food for All: Be Multiplied, launching July 1. The effort localizes Pope Francis’ “One