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by Jessica Rinaudo As the Beacons of Light process ramps up and parishes take a look at who is part of their new Family of Parishes, the faithful may wonder how it will work and what the end result will look like. But members of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati already

Who radiates Christ to you in your life? Whose love for their faith shines so brightly that they can’t help but pull others into God’s love? For me, there will always be the legendary Sister Martinetter Rivers, OLS. Sister Martinette, or, as she called herself, “The Butterfly Queen,” walked into

During the course of the pandemic, we were forced to become more resourceful and creative, all while the world was turned upside down. Organizations across the globe had to figure out ways to keep going during the uncertainty and fear. Amid all the change and turmoil, our schools became, in

As we worked on this commemorative bicentennial issue of The Catholic Telegraph, we dug into the 200-year history of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati, and, much like archaeologists we unearthed treasures, hardships and victories of the past. From the beginning, the Catholic faithful in this area had to overcome obstacles that

by Jessica Rinaudo Entrepreneurs have many sources of inspiration when launching a new product or jumping into a new endeavor, and Kathleen West is no exception. Her inspiration is rooted in the divine and her vocation as a mother. West, and her husband, Ben, are from opposite sides of the

Growing up, my faith was the unquestioning faith of a child. I couldn’t fathom the boundless fatherly love God has for His children. I also couldn’t truly empathize with Mary’s total devotion and love for her Son until I, too, became a mother. “What is it like to be a

If you died today, how would you be remembered? Would the people you love most be well taken care of? In the thick of postpartum depression and anxiety after the birth of my first child, I fixated on these types of questions every day: “What would happen if I died

Xavier University in Cincinnati has announced the hire of a new president – and with that appointment brings a series of firsts for the 190-year-old institution. Colleen Hanycz, PhD, is the university’s first lay person and first woman president, a role Hanycz is eager to embrace. “This was an opportunity

“Every family needs a father – a father who shares in his family’s joy and pain, hands down wisdom to his children and offers them firm guidance and love.” – Pope Francis My grandfather, Ben James, was one of a kind. Success-driven, business- oriented and obsessed with sports, he loved

Lent looks a little different this year thanks to social distancing and health and safety protocols. And while some parishes will keep their fish fries going by means of carry out and drive-thru options, many churches are opting to skip this year’s Lenten tradition. But all hope is not lost!