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A school should never have to experience tragedy. No one argues with that, like not disputing that parents should never have to bury their child. These statements are anchored in powerful emotions. But, of course, life isn’t always as it should be. My son’s school recently experienced a tragedy: the

Your vocation is the single most important aspect of your life. Living out your vocation will lead to happiness. Failing to live out your vocation will lead to dismay. All of that is true, but doesn’t it also sound a little terrifying? Whether you are trying to discern your vocation,

There is this guy at my office who everybody loves. He is always singing, speaking with an accent or cooking weird food in the kitchen. He greets every person on his way in, usually with more than a passing hello. Heshine  how they are doing and actually seems interested in

On July 3, 2017, my uncle Mark died suddenly and tragically. It was not a beautiful and gentle end to a long life. It was unexpected and painful. I’ll never forget getting the call that night from the police, informing me he had died. I’ll never forget driving my devastated

“No! I don’t want to go to Disney World! I just want to stay home and have screen time!” My wife and I often feel like we are failing as parents. The house isn’t clean enough. The meals aren’t healthy enough. We don’t spend enough quality time with the kids.

Ask a young couple who just had their first child what they dream of for their child’s life, and you’ll likely get some version of, “I just want them to be happy.” Ask an aging couple whose children are adults what they dream for their adult children, and you’ll likely

My life’s greatest regret happened during a baseball game my nine-year-old son was playing in. It’s a day I hate to remember, and yet I can’t forget it. Bottom of the last inning, my son’s team was up by one run, with runners on second and third base and two

What do you remember about your grandfather? Cardigan sweaters, a red Ford Ranger truck, pipe smoke and treats for the dogs are the first things that come to my mind – that and him slipping a $20 bill in my hand as long as I promised I would waste it.

I never thought of my mom as a single mother but, objectively, she was. My parents divorced when I was nine. From then on, it was just my older sister, my younger brother and me living at home with Mom. Maybe it was because Dad was still around and we

The doctor reluctantly dialed the number. A patient had suffered terrible injuries playing baseball, and he needed to inform the young man that his prognosis was grim. As the phone rang, the doctor searched for a gentle way to deliver the news. He decided to tell a joke: Patient: “Doctor,