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“Man cannot live without love. He remains a being that is incomprehensible for himself, his life is senseless, if love is not revealed to him, if he does not encounter love, if he does not experience it and make it his own, if he does not participate intimately in it.”

Your vocation is the single most important aspect of your life. Living out your vocation will lead to happiness. Failing to live out your vocation will lead to dismay. All of that is true, but doesn’t it also sound a little terrifying? Whether you are trying to discern your vocation,

by Joe Bukuras Washington D.C., Jul 6, 2021 / 11:30 am The Diocese of Burlington has reported a record-low number of priests this year, with only 50 diocesan priests ministering to the entire state of Vermont. “The drop of eight [priests] in one year caught us off guard, but we

Father William Bishop (1885-1953) • William Bishop was born in Washington, D.C. to an affluent family and was gifted a chalice from a Justice of the Supreme Court at his ordination for the Archdiocese of Baltimore. • While serving in a parish for 22 years, Father Bishop grew in desire

by Joe Bukuras Washington D.C., May 19, 2021 / 10:31 am America/Denver (CNA). Six days a week on busy Washington Street in Norwood, Massachusetts, Catholic barber Elias Elsayah can be found clipping hair and changing lives. Now a barber for eight years, Elsayah converts the hearts of many with his

Washington D.C., Mar 18, 2021 / 04:00 am MT (CNA).- Darren Stern, a Catholic HVAC repairman near Baltimore, Maryland, is not shy about sharing his faith with customers. In an interview with EWTN News In Depth that aired on March 10, Stern talked about how he provides customers with a

Patrick Hickey (1820-1892) Patrick was well known to be honest in his business dealings with railroad companies, active in Catholic charitable works and a quiet, prayerful man who prayed the Rosary while traveling on the train to and from work. Johanna Hickey (1833-1905) Johanna was praised as a humble woman

CNA Staff, Feb 18, 2021 / 03:19 pm MT (CNA).- George Weigel this month released a book collecting remembrances of a range of historical figures, with the goal of exploring “what it means to live a worthy life.” Not Forgotten: Elegies For, and Reminiscences Of, a Diverse Cast of Characters,

Father Carl A. Birarelli died on February 12, 2021, in Sarasota, Florida. He was born on October 30, 1926, in Everett, Massachusetts. He was ordained on June 15, 1958 for the Congregation of the Missionary of St. Charles as a member of the Scalibrini Fathers by Archbishop William O’Brien, Auxiliary