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What keeps me Catholic? Michael Daley

It’s a sight that fills every cradle Catholic with dread: Walking into church for Mass the first few pews are not only filled, but nicely dressed people are seated in them. Trouble. Something’s not right. Looking more closely the culprit is spied—a baby. Infant Baptism. Are you kidding me? Mass

What Keeps Me Catholic? September 2013 Recently, in addition to the four classic marks of the church — one, holy, catholic, and apostolic, Pope Francis has offered four other traits for consideration and actualization — smelly, crazy, messy, and noisy. At first glance, for reasons of personal hygiene and social

Though I’m having a hard time admitting it to myself, I’m now what’s considered to be middle-aged. As much as I want to deny it, one thing that confirms this stage in my life at present is my dislike, even fear, of surprises.

 It’s a word the Catholic Church has long avoided being associated with — scandal. Far from it to be a cause of disillusionment or a stumbling block against faith. In the past, the very mention of scandal being a possibility was, depending on the activity, enough to get someone to

March 29, 2011 By Michael Daley Though it’s a story that has made the rounds, it still speaks a great truth. As it’s told a tourist to New York City gets off the subway and heads up to the street. There, in an attempt to get his bearings straight and