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CNA Staff, Dec 10, 2020 / 05:46 pm MT (CNA).- On Tuesday, Pope Francis announced a Year of St. Joseph, in honor of the 150th anniversary of the saint’s proclamation as patron of the Universal Church. Pope Francis said he was establishing the year so that “every member of the

Those who are familiar with the extended lore of Tolkien’s Middle Earth know of the great wolfhound Huan, the “Hound of Valinor,” who was given the power to speak only three times before his death. Knowing this, you would be sure to pay special attention to whatever extraordinary words came

POPE FRANCIS DECLARED A YEAR DEVOTED TO ST. JOSEPH. The Holy Father is telling the Church, especially those of us who are husbands and fathers, to “go to Joseph.” In our noisy secular culture how can we learn from St. Joseph who does not a speak a single word in

To mark this special Year of St. Joseph, the Maria Stein Shrine of the Holy Relics will hold a special St. Joseph Mass on his feast day, Mar. 19, at 7 p.m. This will be an occasion for the faithful to join together to meditate on the life of the

March 19 is the Feast of St. Joseph, sometimes referred to as St. Joseph’s Day. This Feast of St. Joseph is extra special because it is also the Year of St. Joseph. With all of this St. Joseph-ness going on, it’s a great time to take a look at how

Written by Gail Finke illustrated by Emma Cassani “We have a beautiful modern church that was painted about a year ago. I wish every priest would come see what can be done with a modern church. Every square inch is painted. I wouldn’t call the style ‘historic,’ I’d call it

I’m very … particular. Hang out with me long enough and you’ll see what I mean. How papers are written, how posters are designed, how food tastes, how clothes fit, how temperature is regulated, everything has to be just so. If something is even slightly off, I can tell. Most

by CNA Staff CNA Staff, Feb 24, 2021 / 03:33 pm MT (CNA).- As part of the Year of Saint Joseph called for by Pope Francis, the National Shrine of St. Joseph will host a virtual conference and rededicate the saint’s statue. The event takes place on March 19, the

FROM JEAN BUELTERMAN (CATHEDRAL BASILICA OF ST. PETER IN CHAINS) My dad was kind, generous and loving and never had a nasty word to say about another person. He was a man of great faith. He loved our Blessed Mother. He could fix anything. We used to say give him