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Young sisters record pro-life song

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Thursday, January 20, 2011 
By Eileen Connelly, OSU 
ST. ANDREW DEANERY — Two young sisters recently released an original song with a powerful pro-life message.
The song, “Abortion, Get that in Your Head,” was written by Teressa Kenny, 10, a member of St. Gertrude Parish in Madeira. Her younger sister, Felicity, 7, performs with her on the recording.
“We are hoping to save a baby’s life with this song,” Teressa Kenny said.

Teressa and Felicity Kenny
Teressa and Felicity Kenny (Courtesy photo)
She penned the musical composition last year when her older brother, Stephen, was writing an argument paper against abortion. 
“At supper we were talking about ideas he should use and it just started going through my mind that the Lord wanted me to write this,” she explained. 
Defending the unborn and all human life from conception to natural death is very important to the entire family, said Nancy Kenny, the girls’ mother. They have been involved in many pro-life activities, including taking part in the annual March for Life in Washington, D.C., volunteering at Old St. Mary’s Pregnancy Center in Over-the-Rhine and praying in front of a local abortion clinic.
“In our family we believe every person is worth something,” Teressa Kenny said. “We don’t know what an unborn baby is going to be like or the great things he or she could do in life. The baby may be the first person to find a cure for cancer. Why destroy its chance?”
Already the mother of three, Nancy Kenny gave birth to her youngest daughters when she was in her 40s. “We are both so happy that she gave us the gift of life,” her older daughter said. 
Both of the girls have had musical training and participate in the Southwest Ohio Home School Band and Orchestra. Teressa Kenny is a choir member and cantor at St. Gertrude and her younger sister plays the cello.
“They have a gift for music for sure,” Nancy Kenny said, noting her older daughter has also composed songs about the Blessed Mother and the importance of praising all of God’s creation.
In the pro-life song’s refrain the girls sing, “Abortion is terrible, killing just a little baby. It’s a child, not a choice. Get that in your head. You were a baby once, starting at conception. So is your baby, so don’t abort, adopt instead. So don’t abort at all.” 
“Every time they sang the song for family and friends, the listeners would tell them they needed to record it,” their mother said. 
James Kenniv, past choir director for the Kenny sisters who served as recording engineer for the CD said, “The two voices blend beautifully together and they sound like one. I’m very pleased with the sound quality and mix.”
While the song’s message is serious, recording the CD was also exciting for the girls. “Teressa and I always sing together,” Felicity Kenny said. “I thought the CD would be fun to do and it was.”
With all the attention given to up-and-coming performers on shows such as “American Idol,” Teressa Kenny said she and her little sister don’t want to be famous. “We recorded the CD for people beside ourselves — for mothers, babies and for God,” she said. 
The recording can currently be downloaded via iTunes and at CDbaby.com for 99 cents and will soon be available at area Catholic bookstores, including The Catholic Shop in Madeira, Nancy Kenny said.
“It is our vision that this song could be placed in the hands of pro-life youth and adults who could use it to convince their abortion-minded friend in the throws of a crisis pregnancy to let the child be born and adopted, not aborted,” she said. “The fact that it was written by a nine year old and is sung by two sweet little girls makes it all the more powerful. We would hope this song could help instigate a shift from the cultural acceptance of abortion to increase the cultural support and acceptance of adoption.” 
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