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Sharing vulnerability part of Holy Week

As many young adults do, my first inclination in the morning is to grab my phone or tablet to check messages and status updates that came in through the night. Plus, I often use my tablet to say the Office, email, Facebook, Twitter, play a few games here and there, etc. Continue reading

Q&A: Has the church been clear on embryonic stem cells?

Dear Father: In the past my husband and I have donated to various organizations, only to learn that they use donations for embryonic stem cell research. While they do much good, they still support this practice. We have stopped giving, but I also know a lot of Catholics who donate to these groups. I do not think the church has been clear about the practice of using embryonic stem cells for research. If the church is really opposed to it, why do so many Catholics donate without knowing the facts about this type of research?

Dear Reader:  Catholic teaching on embryonic stem cell research is clear. Continue reading

Always more to learn about local ministries

Steve Trosley

Just about the time you think you understand all the ministries operating in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati, you meet someone from a parish, school or other institution involved in an activity that enriches faith formation, evangelizes or serves the needs of the most vulnerable or takes an initiative. Continue reading

Remember, the light is on for confession

This coming March 18, the Archdiocese of Cincinnati is participating for the first time in a national campaign simply titled “The Light is On for You.” Begun in New York, it is a night where every parish throughout the archdiocese will have confessions offered from 7-9 p.m. It has met with great success in areas that have conducted the program, and we are excited to bring it here, too. Continue reading

What keeps me Catholic? Internet trolls

Michael Daley

You know you’re getting old when words you knew so well from childhood change their meaning…without you even being aware of it. Take “troll” for example. Growing up I associated trolls, always grouchy and hungry, with the classic fairy tale “Three Billy Goats Gruff.” Come to find out trolls no longer live under bridges, they reside on the internet now. Continue reading

Understand, focus and believe at Mass

Jeanne Hunt

Three eighth-grade girls came into my office recently and asked, “Mrs. Hunt, can we tape you as you answer our question for a religion class project?” “Sure,” I said. “What is the question?” “We want to know how to make the Mass more interesting for people our age.”

Quickly, I mentally regrouped. They wanted an answer that minute. I asked the Holy Spirit to give me something good because I had nothing! As usual, the good ole Holy Spirit was right on it. The answer came to me as I spoke: Continue reading

Let us meet Jesus, not just talk about Him

At the initial meeting I have with an engaged couple to begin their preparation for married life, I always start with how they met and why they are now sitting across from me thinking about getting married. It is enjoyable to me to hear their stories and to see in them the way that God truly has brought them to this point.

Part of the conversation also turns to why they want to get married in the Catholic church, which also involves their Mass attendance in the recent past. Continue reading

Catholic Schools, Bishnu from Bhutan & social media

As the February edition of The Catholic Telegraph came into homes early, you may have been planning ways to celebrate Catholic Schools Week.

Because the annual observance fell on the last week of January, we decided this year to compress our usual preparation time so we could prepare readers who wish to take part in the activities associated with the event. And you should participate because there are so many interesting and impressive things going on in the Catholic schools of the archdiocese.  Continue reading

Book Review: Good Pope, Bad Pope highlights Christ’s promise to church, role of pope

John Stegeman book review

The newest book by prolific Catholic author Mike Aquilina includes the a story of a pope known for having mistresses and fathering children. The same pope, he writes, may have poisoned cardinals at his leisure and ruled Rome with an iron first.

His point? The One, Holy Catholic and Apostolic church entered that period of that papacy with the deposit of faith in tact, and despite a very worldly, sinful pontiff, it came out the other side with said deposit safe and sound. Continue reading

Love is at the source of Catholic pro-life position

As Catholics, we are called to be unapologetically pro-life.  Throughout the history of the church, there has been an undeniable identity with the one who has no voice: the poor, the vulnerable, the disabled.  All too frequently in the last two millennia, the church was the only voice that spoke out for the dignity of people who were all too often ignored by the wider culture.   Continue reading