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Share in history as the archdiocese’s first Catholics saw it, only online.

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All issues of  The Catholic Telegraph from 1831-1885 can now be read online.

Funded by grants from the State Library of Ohio and the Hamilton County Genealogical Society, the Catholic Research Resources Alliance has been working with the archdiocese’s archives to  digitize, index, and post the issues. Now available to read at TheCatholicNewsArchive at this link, the issues are text-searchable.

A separate project with the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County is digitizing issues from 1831-1922 (the end of public domain), and will include them in the PLCH Digital Library (see the issues scanned so far here).

The Catholic Telegraph began in 1831 and is one of the oldest diocesan publications in the United States and is a “treasure trove of information” to researchers, said Archivist Sarah Patterson. “Having the newspaper online with the Public Library and the CNA means that access to the newspaper is greatly increased to researchers and the general public, which is a primary goal for the archives.

“The Catholic Telegraph is one of our most heavily used records by researchers.”


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