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October 24, 2012 Catholic News Service VATICAN CITY — The world’s huge technological and scientific progress hasn’t always made people freer or happier, Pope Benedict XVI said.  

October 15, 2012 Catholic News Service ROME — As a reminder that the early popes were elected by the pastors of Rome, Pope Benedict XVI – like his predecessors – assigns each new cardinal to serve as honorary pastor of one of the city’s churches.  

October 12, 2012 Catholic News Service SOUTH BEND, Ind. — The Year of Faith officially kicked off Oct. 11, and now there’s an app for that!

October 5, 2012 Catholic News Service LORETO, Italy — During a visit to the Shrine of Our Lady of Loreto, Pope Benedict XVI formally entrusted to Mary the world Synod of Bishops and the Year of Faith.  

October 3, 2012 Catholic News Service VATICAN CITY — A 49-year-old Italian man protesting the economic policies of Italy and Europe scaled a fence on top of the dome of St. Peter’s Basilica Oct. 2 and remained there the next day as some 20,000 people listened to Pope Benedict XVI

September 26, 2012 Catholic News Service WASHINGTON — Over the past several months, the U.S. Catholic bishops and other religious leaders have urged Americans to defend religious liberty in the United States in the face of what they see as threats to that freedom.  

September 21, 2012 Catholic News Service JACKSON, Miss.  — Seventeen bishops, dozens of priests and a congregation of about 1,000 people gathered Sept. 16 at Thalia Mara Hall in Jackson to celebrate the 175th anniversary of the Catholic Diocese of Jackson.  

September 12, 2012 Catholic News Service VATICAN CITY — In the wake of the deaths of a U.S. ambassador and three staff members in Libya and the unrest triggered by a U.S.-made amateur film hostile to Islam, the Vatican decried disrespect toward all religions and deplored all violence as unacceptable.

    A woman lays her hands over the names of the first responders next to roses which were placed along the South Pool of the 9/11 National Memorial at the site of the World Trade Center Sept. 10. Today marks the 11th anniversary of the terrorists attacks that claimed

September 7, 2012 Catholic News Service KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Bishop Robert W. Finn of Kansas City-St. Joseph was convicted Sept. 6 of one count of failing to report suspected child abuse and acquitted on another count in a brief bench trial.