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Editor’s Note: What’s It Like To Be A Mom?

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Growing up, my faith was the unquestioning faith of a child. I couldn’t fathom the boundless fatherly love God has for His children. I also couldn’t truly empathize with Mary’s total devotion and love for her Son until I, too, became a mother.

“What is it like to be a mom?” My children have posed the question to me in a variety of ways for as long as they have been able to speak. Other variations include, “What’s it like to have a baby in your tummy?” or “What’s it like to feed a baby with your body?” And as I gaze at their inquisitive little faces, a million emotions and memories flash through my mind like a rapidly playing slideshow.

Memories of those rolling knees and elbows inside my body; the anticipation of guessing who this new person would resemble and what personality traits would emerge. Remembering their first cries, my first glance of their wide open eyes and deeply dimpled cheeks. Recalling the feeling of their perfect weight against my chest, nestled into the crook of my arm and, later, those same little arms wrapped tightly around my shoulders and legs, hanging on tightly as they called for “Mama.”

As they grew – and continue to grow – I also recall the very real, electric, physical pain I experience when my children hit their heads or scrape their knees; the panic I felt when one of them wandered off in a busy crowd; the empathy of watching them experience life’s first – and subsequent
– disappointments and betrayals; the pride I feel in their personal triumphs, good decisions, kindness towards others and growth in their faith.

As I relive and recall these moments and feelings, I also think of Mary, of her “yes.” Not only was she saying “yes” to the awe-inspiring invitation to become the mother of Christ, but she was also saying “yes” to all those feelings, those moments, those emotions of motherhood, too – both for her Son, and as our heavenly mother and intercessor.

Mother Teresa once said, “If you ever feel distressed during your day, call upon Our Lady. Just say this simple prayer, ‘Mary, mother of Jesus, please be a mother to me now.’ I must admit, this prayer has never failed me.”

I pray that we, mothers and mother figures, strive to grow both in holiness and in imitation of our Blessed Mother. And through her intercession, may we pray for our own children, so that they, too, may grow in holiness.

In May, we have much to celebrate. Not only do we honor all mothers and mother figures across the nation on Mother’s Day, May 9, but we, as Catholics, recognize May as the Blessed Mother’s month. It is with great joy that we dedicate this issue of the magazine both to Our Lady, and to the women in our lives who have – and continue to – love and support us in our hopes, dreams and faith

This commentary appeared in the May 2021 edition of The Catholic Telegraph Magazine. For your complimentary subscription, click here.

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