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Everyday Evangelist: Rosary maker shows support for fellow law enforcement officers

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Officer Matthew Siry has issued an APB to all police nationwide.

This All Points Bulletin alerts every member of the Thin Blue Line of an opportunity to order a free rosary and pray it.

“I’m a park ranger for Great Parks of Hamilton County where I have served for 12 years,” said Siry, presently assigned to Woodland Mound Park in the southeast corner of the county.

He has created a website where law enforcement officers nationwide are invited to order a free rosary that comes with a St. Michael police officer prayer card, along with a pamphlet and CD featuring instructions on how to pray the rosary. The materials are provided at no cost.

“The rosaries are black and blue. The Thin Blue Line is black and blue. They have a twined crucifix as well,” Siry explained.

“It’s interesting how this started,” Siry said. “My mother-in-law, Anita Otten, found a rosary at St. Ann Church, Groesbeck, one day at the end of Mass. It was a twined rosary sitting on the ground. She thought my wife, Jill, would like it. She gave it to her. I thought it was cool, so I started looking up how to make them on the internet, and from there I started making them and handing them out at our parish festival at St. Catharine Church, Westwood.”

“I’ve been making twine rosaries for the past 10 years and I’ve been giving them out to friends and family and at our church,” he said.

For the past two years, Siry has been teaching the Girl Scouts in Troop 46080 at St. Catharine how to make rosaries as part of earning the Marian Award, one of the highest awards for Catholic Girl Scouts. He was working with the girls last July when they learned of the shootings of the Dallas police officers.

“They wanted to do something for the fallen officers on their own,” Siry explained. “They made about 20 rosaries and gave them to me with a nice letter saying, ‘we support Blue Lives Matter.’ We support police officers. They made all blue rosaries and they told me to do with them as I wish. I started to think how to get these out to police officers and decided to create the website and distribute rosaries through it.”

“I’m also trying to find ways to promote the site,” he said. “I just launched the site November 11. My father, Daniel Siry, a police officer in Glendale, was injured in the line of duty in a car crash in the early 1980s. He passed away about six years ago. This is a way to honor my father. He died of a stroke, but had to leave law enforcement because of injuries suffered in the car crash.”

“This is a family project. My wife and my kids are helping. They helped design the website and helped me with the Facebook page and gave me moral support. I’m going to teach them how to make the rosaries,” Siry said.

He and his wife have three children: Devin, 17; Cole, 14; and Fin, eight.

For more information, visit www.RosaryDispatch.com.

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