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Meet Seton Graduate Liz Rolfe

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Seton grad grows as leader in faith

Preparing to graduate from St. Antoninus School four years ago, Liz Rolfe’s main criteria as she continued her education was that “it had to be a Catholic high school, no matter what.”

“My family is completely rooted in our faith, and I knew keeping my faith strong would be important as I moved forward with school and life in general,” she explained.

Rolfe’s older sister, Sarah, is a 2016 graduate of Seton High School, which also contributed to her decision. While she felt at home at Seton right away, Rolfes admits to struggling with her self-confidence during her freshman year, as she faced a new environment and change in her group of friends.

“Before long, I realized that I couldn’t go through it alone, that I really needed to lean on God,” she said. “I slowly began to feel more at ease with things, and as I built up my faith and self-love, I was able to share that faith and love with others.”

Her involvement in campus ministry, as a member of Saints for Life (the school’s Pro-Life club), service as a chaplain for student government and retreat leader enabled Rolfes to do just that.
“I think I’m more prepared for the future than I ever have been,” said Rolfes, who plans to attend the University of Cincinnati and possibly pursue a degree in counseling. “My time at Seton helped me be independent, taught me how to put my faith into action as a leader and build other people up.”

“Liz has always been a very genuine, humble, and hard-working student,” said Jan Linz, Seton’s campus ministry coordinator. “Over the past four years,other people up.” her leadership skills have soared. Liz works continuously on her relationship with God. As a chaplain in campus ministry this year, she was a positive role model and mentor to her peers and the underclassmen. I think St. Elizabeth Ann Seton would be as proud as I am that she’s the recipient of the St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Award for the Class of 2019.”

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