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Partnership Keeps Price Hill School Open

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by Joe Bride

A dynamic new partnership between the Archdiocese of Cincinnati, Catholic Inner-City, Schools Education Fund (CISE) and Seton Education Partners will ensure the continued operation of Resurrection School in Price Hill.

While Resurrection has been a CISE supported school for just under 200 students, the changing nature of the parish and school needs indicated that school closure was inevitable.

“We wanted to explore every possibility of finding the funding necessary to keep the school open,” said Mabe Rodriguez, CISE executive director. “We had worked with Seton Education Partners in the implementation of Blended Learning program at two of our CISE schools and had learned of the full school operation service of Seton Education Partners in Catholic schools in the Bronx in New York, which show tremendous success.”

A team from CISE and the archdiocese visited New York to observe the Seton Education Partners school called Brilla. Everyone was impressed and discussions began to see if it was possible to bring this partnership to Cincinnati. Seton Education Partners was willing because of its favorable experience in working with CISE and the Archdiocese of Cincinnati.

For Resurrection School this meant additional funding would be available and the school could stay open.

Seton’s mission is to provide a Catholic education to needy young people who cannot afford it through normal or traditional channels.

Some key highlights from this partnership are:

Resurrection will remain open as a Catholic grade school.

Seton Education Partners committed to invest over one million dollars in the school building and technology.

Resurrection School will be managed by Seton Education Partners and report to a board. The board will have a representative from CISE and the Archdiocese of Cincinnati’s schools office.

Dan Peters, a Seton Education Partner board member, said, “The result is a school family that learns to know, love and serve Christ and His Church while developing the habits, dispositions and beliefs that are indispensable to human flourishing and happiness.”

Susie Gibbons, superintendent of schools at Archdiocese of Cincinnati said,“We are happy to be part of this partnership that allows Resurrection School in Price Hill to keep its doors open as one of our oldest standing parish schools in Cincinnati and to continue to serve an area of most need in our community.”

CISE supports nine inner city schools in Cincinnati and 2,400 students. Ninety-six percent of scholars live in poverty, 85 percent are minority, 94 percent are accepted onto college.

For more information on CISE, go to http://cisekids.org/

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