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St. Xavier High School Receives Largest Gift in School History

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St. Xavier alumnus Harry Fath ’59 and his wife, Linda, have committed a $50 million gift designated towards tuition assistance. This is the largest gift in St. Xavier’s history and is the lead gift for the $200 million St. Xavier High School 200-year anniversary campaign.

Mr. Fath recounts his days at St. Xavier as critical to his formation. “St. Xavier changed my life for the better,” reflects Fath. “The expectations and opportunities people made for me transformed me into the man I am today. Linda and I feel it is imperative to make that experience available to other young men to attend St. Xavier.

“Our gifts to St. Xavier, in the past, have been focused on one concept – a family’s ability to pay for a St. Xavier education should not be the barrier that keeps a qualified young man from attending. As I learned in conversations over the years with different presidents, and most recently Tim Reilly, affordability is still a barrier for many. I don’t ever want it to be the case that tuition cost is what eliminated the opportunity for any young man. To that end, Linda and I are excited to make a lead Tuition Assistance Fund gift of $50 million toward the $200 million capital campaign leading up to St. Xavier’s 200th anniversary.”

President Tim Reilly ’76 stated, “We are both humbled and grateful to receive this transformational and inspiring gift from the Faths.”

This $50 million lead gift kicks-off a $200 million campaign as part of St. Xavier 200. This campaign will be part of a strategic continuous improvement plan that will lead the school into its 200-year anniversary in October of 2031. Mr. Fath has agreed to be the honorary chairman of the capital campaign. In addition to greatly increased tuition assistance, the plan will enhance academic and faith formation, renew facilities and mitigate future tuition increases.

“I have no doubt that the future world, just like our current world, is a better place with more St. Xavier graduates in it,” said Reilly. “The Faths have ensured that our mission is lived out in future generations of the Long Blue Line. We thank them. The city, church and world should thank them too!”

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