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Stuff Luke Found for March: You Tube channel demonstrates joy of living the Gospel

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By Luke Carey:

Can we have an honest conversation? Have you ever thought that, not all the time, but every now and again when we speak of the faith, we come across, as a bit stale? It is not a matter of doctrine, or liturgy or the truths our church proclaims. Often, it’s the manner by which this information is delivered. Sometimes, the delivery method just isn’t interesting.

Initial answers to the conundrum usually involve “finding a way to make God cool.” I would be lying if I said I never thought this to be the responsibility of a priest or a need to rethink how we approach the liturgy (obviously with a way that adheres to Catholic teachings). I was wrong. It is not the responsibility of the liturgy the be “relevant.” It’s not the responsibility of a priest to “make God cool.”

It is the responsibility of the laity to reach out to the world and meet people where they are. We do not do this by dumbing down the Gospel. It does mean that we utilize the gifts God gave us within our own sphere of influence, to be a witness. To confess of what He has done in our lives.

I thought I would bring attention to a great young couple that is using their gifts to, in their words, “break stereotypes by showing how living out a Catholic faith is a ton of fun.” This couple is Daniel and Anna Glaze from San Antonio. Daniel and Ana are known amongst many Catholic across the country as “That Catholic Couple” (TCC) on YouTube.

TCC releases two videos a week on YouTube. Their videos strike a good balance between serious and fun. One video will be about ‘Which Avenger Would Be Which Sacrament” while another will be an authentic discussion on ‘The Truth About Being a Catholic Youth Minister.’ Did you know that most Youth Ministers, are not perfect? TCC did a fantastic job of explaining the great and the not-so-great parts of youth ministry that often go unnoticed. And they also have a video that says Iron Man is like the baptism of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Because why not? This balance between the serious and the absurd makes TCC a refreshing break from the often ultra serious or, even worse, inauthentic content that seems to be readily available for consumption. Funny how stale or uninteresting Catholic content is so easy to consume and discard without even noticing.

TCC’s videos showcase a normal couple naturally displaying something that cannot be replicated: Christian joy. One cannot fake Christian joy. It literally– and take note, a millennial correctly using the word “literally”—can come only from a relationship with the Lord. It cannot be faked. There’s no way to make it “go viral.” TCC exudes this joy because it’s a natural part of who they are. It comes from an overflow of their relationship with Jesus and each other. Stop what you are doing and add TCC to your YouTube subscriptions. Or go to YouTube.com, learn what YouTube is, find out how to subscribe to channel, and make “That Catholic Couple” your first subscription. Who couldn’t use a little joy?

Twitter Follow of the Month: Who else could I point you towards this month? If you are on Twitter, you need to be following the great folks behind That Catholic Couple, @D_Glaze and @AG_Glaze. Seriously, these guys are the best.

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