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In October of 2014, Cathy Diehl began her quest: creating a ministry to provide gowns for infant girls who lost their lives within a year of birth. Today, gowns are available — at no cost to grieving parents — at many Cincinnati and Dayton-area hospitals including: Christ, Mercy Anderson, Mercy

By Walt Schaefer For The Catholic Telegraph Cathy Diehl has a basement crammed with wedding gowns — about 100 have been donated to date. When she started her ministry, she had 10 volunteer seamstresses. Now she has 25. There were no volunteers to make deliveries or pick up donations. Now

By Walt Schaefer For The Catholic Telegraph  The death of an infant has led to the birth of a ministry. A birth normally prompts a family celebration but at times things go wrong. Some infants are stillborn, others survive less than a year because of congenital problems. Ava Diehl was