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“Very simply, The Angelico Project is a lay Catholic initiative to evangelize souls through truth, goodness and beauty by promoting the arts, thought and cultural events,” said Nancy Carolyn Smith, a sculptor and one of three co-executives of the new organization. According to Maureen Teller, a former professional dancer and

New online class format to engage media and culture, easier Catechesis, the process of teaching the Catholic faith, will be breaking new ground in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati over the next three to five years as it uses new media to facilitate an encounter between Christ and culture, according to

By Michele Jurich Catholic News Service BERKELEY, Calif. — It’s just before noon on a sunny Saturday on Berkeley’s Fourth Street, a busy boulevard of upscale cafes, shops and businesses. The gleaming Apple store is doing a bang-up business in the next newest thing; a steady stream of customers await