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By Walt Schaefer For The Catholic Telegraph In this busy world, where people are pulled in many directions from work to family, married couples often set aside at least one  time each week to be with each other. They share the ups and downs of their lives and enjoy each

By Walt Scaefer For The Catholic Telegraph Mike Desmier worked at the behest of others for years. Now he has found a personal niche in life. As a certified public accountant, Desmier toiled for area construction companies, where owner demands sometimes conflicted with reality. He became disillusioned with the quest

By Walt Schaefer For The Catholic Telegraph  Jim and Mary Lu Flynn have been doing their Lourdes’ work. For past ten years the Flynns — now residents of the St. Leonard Community retirement center in Centerville — have spent a week a year as volunteers at the Sanctuary of Our

By John Stegeman The Catholic Telegraph  For more than 50 years, members of Ed Miller’s family have run the historic Parkland Theatre in Sayler Park. Miller’s personal ownership stake began in 1998 and ever since, his faith as a Roman Catholic has informed each business decision he’s made. Step one,

By Walt Schaefer For The Catholic Telegraph From a parish of 700 families, Linda Schaefer found 176 people willing to work for the well-being of unborn infants through the Community Pregnancy Center in downtown Middletown. Schaefer has become the liaison between the center and Our Lady of Sorrows Parish in

Everyday Evangelists
By Eileen Connelly, OSU The Catholic Telegraph  Imagine living on the same land for more than 175 years, land passed down from generation to generation, providing your family’s livelihood and a place to call home in what is truly God’s country. Such is the case with Urban and Mary Louise

St. Antoninus Principal Jack Corey, center, poses with fellow members of Team Mitch. From left are Sean McHale, a cousin from Baltimore, Jack Corey’s mother Mary, Corey, his son Joseph, and his father Bill.
By Eileen Connelly, OSU The Catholic Telegraph  What possesses an individual to set out and run 100 miles? In Jack Corey’s case, it’s faith, family devotion and a firm belief in Catholic education. Corey, now in his seventh year as principal at St. Antoninus School in Cincinnati, began running shortly

By Patricia McGeever  For The Catholic Telegraph  As social service agencies and nonprofits struggle to meet the needs of a growing number of people, one national organization with a local footprint is looking for more volunteers to serve them. The Ignatian Volunteer Corps  (IVC) has  12 volunteers locally who incorporate

Local Catholic philanthropist shares his faith journey By Patricia McGeever  Self-made millionaire and philanthropist Roger Grein is a shining example of the power of love, determination, and faith. His life is also a lesson in how a cross can become a blessing. Over the years, Grein consistently and quietly used his money

  A strong Catholic faith finds its roots in one of two places — consistent faith formation, or a powerful conversion experience. For Dr. Bob Burger, his faith stems from the former. A “Cradle Catholic,” Burger’s life has seen success at every stage, but along with that success he has