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Respect Life Month

A pending bill in the Ohio General Assembly, S.B. 103 (the “Bill”), if passed and signed by Governor DeWine, will abolish the death penalty in Ohio. Cincinnati Archbishop Dennis M. Schnurr, on behalf of himself and all the Catholic bishops of Ohio, has submitted written testimony endorsing the Bill and

Why do you support Church teaching on life issues? Perhaps becoming a parent opened your eyes to the reality of life in the womb. Maybe a loved one’s end-of-life struggle showed you the dignity of life at all stages. There are many good reasons to choose. For Vivian Koob, founder

I remember seeing the small plus sign on my pregnancy test, and a smile spread across my face. Stepping out into the buzzing activity of our home, I held up the test for Andrew to see. He was late on his way out the door to an evening meeting and

“Mom, I love you. You know what I love about you? I love that your arm is so squishy and soft to lay on.” So spoke my six-year-old daughter as she snuggled up next to me in bed. The pattern of my thoughts at her words went something like this:

Every month should be, in a sense, Respect Life Month. There is no time or circumstance in which respect for life is not demanded of Christians. During October, however, the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) asks us to give special attention to the sanctity, dignity and rights of every

by Katie Sciba My favorite children’s book is You Are Special by Max Lucado. It’s the story of a creature whose life is defined by what others think of him, which only worsens his low self-esteem. The tragedy of the story lies not in the main character, who eventually learns

I went to church and grade school across the street from a third-trimester abortion center. Back then, the pro-life movement was more angry than merciful, and, as a small child, I saw protesters on the sidewalk holding up graphic posters of aborted babies. I heard them yelling horrible accusations at

by Eileen Connelly, OSU Shortly after an ultrasound machine was installed at Elizabeth’s New Life Center’s (ENLC) Women’s Center in Lebanon, the staff performed a scan on a young woman with no support who was fearful of going through her pregnancy alone. While receptive to the center’s services and discussion

by John Stegeman In March, Mary Anne Boyd was granted the Archdiocese of Cincinnati’s Respect Life Award. Boyd had been nominated before, and with 32 years in life-related ministry, it’s no surprise she won. Throughout her career and retirement, she’s worked to spread the message that all life is sacred.

by Bonny Van When it comes to scouting for girls, there is more to it than friendships, adventure and fun. For members of American Heritage Girls (AHG), there are lessons on life, including a focus on respecting life “from conception to natural death,” according to Patti Garibay, founder of AHG,