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Wayne and Marianne Topp

Our children all have very different personalities. Some are quiet and shy; some are outgoing and goofy. But dress any of them in a costume and give them props, and suddenly, they take on the personality of that character – no matter who is watching! They become the fearless defender

Have you ever wanted to interview a saint? If you could, who would you choose? And how do you imagine the conversation? Would the saint be witty and sarcastic? Would he be quiet and serious? Would she hit you with so much conviction that you would change your life forever?

If you will indulge us, we would like to start this article with a brief story. Once upon a time there lived a young girl whom her parents loved with all their hearts. She was taken from them, however, by an evil witch who wanted the young girl for herself.

  If you ever wanted to see my Grandpa Fred smile, all you had to do was turn on some old Gospel music, get out the guitar, or sit at the piano and start playing some chords. No matter what you played, Grandpa started singing along. Very rarely, though, he

Our youngest daughter, Agnes, loves books! Whenever she can, she will pick up a stack of picture books and take them to the couch. Then she’ll go grab her blanket, climb up on the couch, scooch in close to us and listen to story after story. Our saint this month,

“Lie number one: You’re supposed to have it all together, and when they ask how you’re doing just smile and tell them, ‘Never better.’” These are the opening lyrics of “Truth Be Told,” a song written by Matthew West. His words ring true and familiar to many of us, similar

My grandfather was well known in his small town. He was a farmer, a veteran WWII officer and a bus driver. There wasn’t a student in the Marion Local School District who didn’t know Bernard “Ben” Droesch. He had a gruff exterior and was known for his choice of words

A few weeks ago, my family joined the Bicentennial Marian Pilgrimage that took place across the Archdiocese of Cincinnati throughout May and June. It was one of the most beautiful spiritual experiences of our lives. We walked, we laughed, we sang, we prayed and we got REALLY tired. All the

On February 10th of this year, our oldest son received his Confirmation. It was a day of great anticipation and excitement and another milestone in the life of a child whose beginning was a battle. Justin was born with a hole in his diaphragm. His liver and part of his

There are so many things to look forward to in May! The end of the school year, graduations, sports, Mother’s Day and – for second graders across the archdiocese – the reception of their First Holy Eucharist! Though our oldest is 15, we still remember the day Justin received his