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Then and now, Remembering Mother Teresa

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CT/Archival Cover September 1997
CT/Archival Cover September 1997

Then. From The Catholic Telegraph, June 28, 1974, excerpts from an article: Apostle of Poor Wins Hearts, By Judy Ball

She was so small, she stood on a box to reach the microphone. But Mother Teresa of Calcutta had no trouble reaching her audiences at Mt. St Joseph College and at the Cathedral of St. Peter in Chains last week as she spoke of the work of her community of Sisters among the poor and abandoned of the world and emphasized that “they are our brothers and sisters, created by the same loving hand of the Father.”

Stating that “love begins at home” and that one need not go to India to spread Christ-like love,  Mother Teresa emphasized that “we are all co-workers of Christ. “

“We need you,” she said, “Jesus Christ cannot enter the house of the people unless you and I enter there. God really is in love with them through you.”

Although she described in detail the work of her fellow Sisters in India, Mother Teresa emphasized that holiness is a “Simple duty for you and for me – not a luxury of the few” – and that every Christian must love “until it hurts.”

Smile at one another, she said, and work to build love in your own homes and communities. Members of the family should have time for one another, she said, stressing that “every woman is the heart of the family.” While her own Sisters work directly with the poor, “Pray that we may all be missionaries of charity, carriers of God’s love, “ she said.

Now: At Mount Notre Dame High School in Cincinnati, there is a photo of future saint Mother Teresa of Kolcata by every classroom door in the school this year. A theme used for the school year is a quote: “Do Small Things with Great Love.”

Posted September 2, 2016

Mount Notre Dame High School honoring Mother Teresa. (Courtesy Photo)
Mount Notre Dame High School honoring Mother Teresa. (Courtesy Photo)
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