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Today’s Video: La Salle at Kairos

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Kairos is a Roman Catholic retreat program for high school and college. Kairos is part of the larger three-day movement in America, ultimately derived from the Cursillo movement founded in Spain in 1944. As such, the retreat is a four-day, three-night (or three-day, two-night in some cases) residential retreat, with the aim of providing participants the chance to “contemplate God’s role in their lives”. Many high school students in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati experience this amazing time in the enrichment of faith. For some, it can be life changing. For others it can be another step in their journey with Jesus Christ.

As we approach Ash Wednesday, check out La Salle High School students immersing themselves in their faith.

La Salle Kairos 95 from La Salle High School on Vimeo.

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