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“Paddle” With Us On World Mission Sunday, October 18

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In his Mission Sunday message, Pope Francis sees that the whole world is suffering this year from the unexpected, frightening, and deadly COVID-19 pandemic. It is like the Gospel story in which the disciples were also caught off guard and terrified by the storm in their windswept boat on the Sea of Galilee. Yet, Jesus calmed the seas and summoned them to paddle together in solidarity, comforting each other.

The Holy Father urges us to do the same and give generously this year to his Pontifical Mission Societies that supply desperately needed assistance to 1,150 struggling mission dioceses suffering hunger and death from the pandemic.

On The Catholic Telegraph website, you will see inspiring examples of  our mission Church paddling together for God’s mission of compassion and solidarity. We invite you to join us in this loving outreach and mail in the coupon below with your generous gift.

Thanks for your past support! Find the 2019-2020 Mission Office Financial Report of parishes’ donations and the list of our missioners and twinning partners on our Mission Office webpage through the Archdiocesan main website at:

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