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By Steve Trosley David Kissell always has a smile on his face, but none so big as the one he displayed recently when the “One Faith, One Hope, One Love” effort registered $100 million in pledge payments having been paid to the campaign.    Kissell, director of the archdiocesan Stewardship

The Archdiocese of Cincinnati announced that Ryan Lopez is Director of Development Operations for the Stewardship Department. Ryan is a native of Cerritos, California and came to Cincinnati almost 4 years ago as part of the NET Ministries Team and was the Regional Coordinator. Ryan left NET Ministries and has

By Gail Finke While Catholic schools in the archdiocese are less expensive than most private schools, the days of free or close-to-free tuition are long past. Leaders of the archdiocese’s Catholic school system – one of the largest in the nation – have worked hard to help low-income urban families

The Catholic Education Foundation is currently accepting applications for 2018-2019 elementary school tuition assistance scholarships. All scholarships are needs-based and can be used at any Catholic elementary school within the Archdiocese of Cincinnati. Awards range from $250 to $1,000 per student. TO APPLY CLICK HERE. Tuition Assistance Scholarship Details Level

The archdiocese’s new online certification program for catechists, Vocare, will launch this month for Catholic parish catechists, principals and teachers. Developed over 18 months after five years of researching how to best deliver catechetical training in the archdiocese, Vocare (pronounced “voh-CAHR-ay”) will add ongoing formation to one-time training. It will

Students carry in their respective school banners during the Catholic Schools Week Mass at the Cathedral of Saint Peter in Chains in Cincinnati Tuesday, Jan. 31, 2017. (CT Photo/E.L. Hubbard)
The historic One Faith, One Hope, One Love capital campaign conducted in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati by the Catholic Community Foundation will disburse its first tuition grants this fall. Spokesmen for the archdiocese say the student aid program funded by the campaign will allocate more than $2 million for tuition

CINCINNATI – June 28, 2017 – Catholic Charities Southwestern Ohio Annual Report details how the agency served 120,000 people across 11 counties last year. This is almost a 31% increase from the prior year in people assisted by the agency. “We celebrated the Jubilee Year of Mercy by expanding our

Like many a recent retiree, Father David Brinkmoeller’s agenda includes a Caribbean trip. In his case, it’s not a getaway. Father Brinkmoeller, 71, left Cincinnati for Trinidad so he could spend a few weeks this spring assisting the Living Water Community, a Catholic charismatic missionary group. Living Water’s ministries include

More than $2 million in Catholic school tuition assistance has been allocated for the coming academic year, funded by benefactors of the historic One Faith, One Hope, One Love campaign conducted in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati by the Catholic Community Foundation. In all, 2,174 offers were extended for elementary and

By Paul Clark Special to The Catholic Telegraph Small change can make a big difference. As part of his pledge to One Faith, One Hope, One Love, David Cossentino of Loveland added some coins totaling $1.63. That’s face value. But there’s a flip side: Their total worth, as evaluated by