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A Picture Says a Thousand Words: Bockfest Mass

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Still hazey from incense at the previous Mass, the large sanctuary at Old St. Mary’s Curch in Over-the-Rhine had more than enough room for German society banners. CT photo/Gail Finke

Old St. Mary’s Church gives the neighborhood’s annual Bockfest some needed gravitas. An irreverent celebration of craft beer and German heritage, the festival gives more than a nod to the neighborhood’s past as a German Catholic enclave, as well as to the ongoing presence of Franciscan friars. But as the country’s only church offering a weekly German Mass, the parish allows both local and traveling attendees a chance to make Mass part of their plans. Local German societies process in with banners, and only the homily is in English.

German Mass is also one of the items on The Catholic Telegraph’s Bucket List, so to check off that one with some extra festivity, put the 2019 Bockfest Mass on your calendar.

Pastor Jon-Paul Bevak processes into church with servers and the lederhosen-clad lector. CT photo/Gail Finke
Dressed for Bockfest, a couple waits for Mas to begin. CT photo/Gail Finke
Members of several area German societies assemble with their banners at the back of Old St. Mary’s Church. CT photo/Gail Finke
The lector read both readings in German. CT photo/Gail Finke
Praying the Our Father. CT photo/Gail Finke
Sunday’s 11 a.m. German Mass is an item on The Catholic Telegraph’s “Bucket List” — see story for link. CT photo/Gail Finke
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