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Cheerful Givers

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A cheerful giver doesn’t have to be someone with immense finances. It’s someone who understands that their financial worth on Earth does not equate to their treasures in heaven. This is true for multiple donors who pledged to share their wealth with the Catholic Ministries Appeal (CMA), a mission connected to the archdiocese that focuses on six ministries that help heal, teach and feed those in our area.

“Every year the support of so many generous donors across the archdiocese is truly humbling,” said Matt Reinkemeyer, the Director of Development Operations in the Stewardship Department. “That has been all the truer this year with the CMA receiving more than $6.1 million in pledges to date, making this the best CMA year ever and the first-time to ever exceed $6 million in support.”

“For donors to support us with that level of generosity— especially in a year where inflation and rising costs have dominated much of the financial news—is truly a humbling gift,” continued Reinkemeyer. “It’s also all the more needed since inflation and rising costs are taking their toll on the ministries supported by the CMA, as well.”

“Giving is a joy-filled experience once you make the mental and spiritual transformation from ‘owner’ to steward,” said one anonymous donor. “When I thought and operated as if I were the owner of myself, my things and my wealth, then giving money was a loss to me. It was hard to do. When I became a steward of God’s gifts to me, then charitable giving became a transfer of God’s wealth, not mine, and thus it became, not a loss, but a source of joy.”

“There is no better way to let your light shine than to financially support the Church,” said Mark and Elizabeth Tebbe. “Since we are the Church and we want Her to grow and be extremely vital in the community, we must provide financial support. Instead of purchasing a specialty coffee, put that money into the collection at Church. Jesus sacrificed so much for us. The least we can do is see that His Church continues to stand up for what is right, provide for the needy, protect the young and the vulnerable and especially support those who are called to vocations of the religious or priesthood. It is truly in giving that we receive.”

Another pair of donors added, “Accumulating wealth does not give one the freedom to hoard all of their income for themselves or simply save it to pass on to their children. We are entrusted to be wise stewards of these gifts. Because we are so blessed, I believe God will hold us even more responsible to share with others what he has given to us. There are many ways to give and many worthy organizations to support. We have found joy and trust in our choice to support the CMA.”

Those wishing to give to CMA, but who currently lack sufficient financial resources, can support it through actions like prayer, being an ambassador and volunteering.

“Generosity, financial or otherwise, offers us the opportunity to exercise faith, hope and charity if we truly allow these virtues to motivate our actions,” noted Reinkemeyer. “This in turn brings us joy, which is a much deeper sense of fulfillment and peace than the emotion of happiness. Generosity becomes a source of grace when we can give from a place of joy and receive God’s joy in the process.”

This article appeared in the November 2022 edition of The Catholic Telegraph Magazine. For your complimentary subscription, click here

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