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Coming next month: Equipping Missionary Disciples

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By Sean Ater
For The Catholic Telegraph 

Meet Maureen.

Maureen is 47, married and has one child who recently started her first job and has moved out of state. Maureen has always valued her Catholic faith and her relationship with God.  While she has had periods of her life where she felt more distant from him – when she was in college or when her husband lost his job – she has never doubted that Jesus is there for her and helping her every day. Maureen is one of those friends that people ask religious questions.  “How did you first know God exists?” “How often do you pray?” “Do you really feel Jesus around you?” “Why are you Catholic?”

She often looks back at how she’s responded to people’s questions in the past and regrets her answers. Often, she fears she came off as impatient or frustrated with family and friends who weren’t in the same faith place she was. Now, she’s taken a different approach, realizing that everyone is different and as long as a person is questioning, they are on their own journey, which is a wonderful thing. She hopes to live the example of Christ and be Christ for others.  She goes to Mass and would invite anyone to attend with her. She also loves the Sacraments and the way they bring her closer to Christ. Honestly, she can’t imagine life without her parish, where she volunteers, and is a lector.

Can you relate to Maureen? Maureen is feeling called by God to be what Pope Francis calls a “Missionary Disciple.”

Next month (August) The Catholic Telegraph will begin a new series dedicated to equipping Maureen, and you, to share your faith with your family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers. The goal of the Christian life is communion with Christ, and the Catholic Church offers the perfect path for that communion. Each month we will help equip you to intentionally meet people where they are, welcome them, and introduce them to the joy of communion with Christ in the Catholic Church.

This article originally appeared in the July 2014 print edition of The Catholic Telegraph.

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