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Fish Fry Report 3: Old St. Mary’s

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The scene at Old St. Mary’s Fish Fry… just before the fish ran out. CT Photo/Gail Finke

Staffer Gail Finke headed to the Old St. Mary’s Bockfest fish fry — the historic parish’s only fish fry of the year — last Friday. Parishioners and Bockfest revelers packed the parking lot for almost two hours before the parade began, and until the fish ran out about an hour after the parade ended. “I’m really disappointed,” said a woman who had waited patiently in one of the long lines, only to have the fish run out just as she reached the tent and was about to order. “I really wanted to be German Catholic today and put more ‘Lent’ in my Lent.” (Click on photos in the gallery to enlarge).

Two fried fish dinners and a craft beer to split: A great start to Bockfest in Over-the-Rhine. CT Photo/Gail Finke
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