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Groups from Archdiocese of Cincinnati reach March for Life

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Courtesy photos via #Telegraph4Life on Twitter.

Staff Report

Despite freezing temperatures and cancelled bus trips, several groups from the Archdiocese of Cincinnati noted on social media that they did, in fact, plan to make the trip to Washington D.C. for the March for Life.

According to various posts on Twitter, groups from Our Lady of Lourdes, Mother of Mercy High School, Seton High School, St. Ignatius, St. John Neumann, Coldwater, St. Henry, Chaminade Julienne High School, Carroll High School and St. Lawrence were among those making the trip.

The Catholic Telegraph asked the social media savvy in attendance to share their photos and thoughts of the event via Facebook and Twitter using the hashtag #Telegraph4Life, and the photos at the top of this post were all tweeted with that tag.

To keep up with what’s happening at the March For Life, EWTN is offering a live stream of its coverage. For a more local perspective, keep this post bookmarked to see all the posts throughout the day tagged #Telegraph4Life.

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