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Regional Catholic Men’s Conference features Anthony Munoz and Popular Catholic Speaker

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mensconferenceBy Gail Finke

Cincinnati sports icon and philanthropist Anthony Munoz will headline the 2nd annual E6 Catholic Men’s Conference in St. Leon , Ind., on March 4.

Less than an hour west of Cincinnati, the event will also feature author and radio host Patrick Madrid and author, speaker, media host, and parenting expert Dr. Ray Guarendi.

Named for a passage from Ephesians 6 that urges believers to “put on the armor of God,” the E6 Conference was organized by members of a chapter of King’s Men, a men’s prayer and education group at All Saints Parish in Dearborn County and is open to all men in the region.

In addition to presentations by the three speakers, the conference will also feature vendors, Mass, the opportunity for Confession, and Adoration. Dr. Ray will stay after the conference for a 4 pm question and answer period, “Stump Dr. Ray!” during which he challenges men and their sons to ask him anything.

Last year’s conference drew more than 500 participants from across Indiana, Ohio and Kentucky.

Duane Meyer, one of the organizers, told a reporter for the Archdiocese of Indianapolis’s newspaper, The Criterion, that “men like myself come back year after year to similar conferences because they help us live out the Catholic faith to the fullest, through great speakers, the sacraments of the Eucharist and confession, singing songs of praise and worship and bonding with a large group of like-minded, faith-filled Catholics.”

The conference will be held at East Central High School. It begins at 7:30 am and ends at 4 pm. Advance tickets are $45 ($35 each for groups of 10 or more) and $15 for students. Same-day registration is $50. Clergy and religious may attend free of charge, but must register online. Lunch is included.

Meyer, a convert to Catholicism, said men from the Archdiocese of Cincinnati should find the drive no problem when they see the speaker lineup.

“Back in my Protestant days, I would like to listen to Robert Schuller on his TV program, Hour of Power,” he said. “ He would often say, ‘Find a need and fill it!’ I have lived in this area for 14 years and have attended just about every men’s conference from Promise Keepers to Answer the Call. It seems most these venues/opportunities have faded away, and today there is a need and yearning within most Catholic Men to grow in their faith and learn how to become better husbands, fathers, grandparents, etc.

“We have chosen three speakers, all of whom are from the great state of Ohio! Half of our priests for hearing confession
are from Ohio! For the majority of Greater Cincinnati men, we are only a 30 to 45 minute drive. Knights of Columbus men from Ohio pay only $35 with their code…

“Jesus breaks down all state borders with his Love and Mercy!”

For more information or to register online, visit www.e6catholicmensconference.com, send an e-mail to [email protected] or call 812-576-4302.

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