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Saint John the Baptist Dry Ridge

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St. John the Baptist Church, Dry Ridge, was named by parishioner Henry Kleine in return for his large pledge of $400.00

One-room log schoolhouse built by area Catholics.

First St. John’s Church built. New school constructed and staffed by Sisters of Divine Providence.

Swiss priest Father Gebhard Egger appointed as St. John’s first resident priest.

Third school building built.

Second church building built, inspired by the English Mission style. It was 50 x 90 feet, held 250 people and featured a beamed ceiling, upper-story windows in distinctive green stained glass and woodwork from the 1860 church.

Fourth school opened after third school and sisters’ residence destroyed in a fire.

School added eighth grade and two years of high school. High school program continued until 1955.

Most Masses moved to new Parish Center.

March 4, 1995
Last Mass at old church. Groundbreaking held for new church.

Current church building dedicated.

“It’s a happy parish. People don’t just run in and out again, they stay and talk, and we never have trouble getting volunteers. We kept a lot of the old things when the building style was supposed to be more austere, and things are still changing—we had the statues of Mary and Joseph from the 1860 church in the back, where we always tell people not to sit, and the tabernacle in a chapel. Now the statues are back in the front and the tabernacle is back on the altar.” – Anonymous lifelong parishioner






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